I’ve been trialling Xmaease cream on my 4 year old who has chronic eczema related to many serious food allergies for the last month. We have been using the cream 1-2 times daily on most days.

I’m liking

I was particularly attracted to this product as it is steroid free, and I feel concerned about the amount of steroid-based creams we have been using on her for most of her life to date. The cream wasn’t especially greasy compared to the medicated ones we get on prescription nor did it have the unpleasant smell that some of the others have. My daughter was even happy enough to put it on herself which is a major difference to the tantrums we usually get over the creams. The cream was easy to apply and rub in and did reduce the symptoms to a degree.

Things that made me go hmmmm

Although Xmaease did reduce the symptoms to a degree, it did not get rid of it altogether although its effectiveness was difficult to measure as we had 2 serious reactions to food during the course of treatment which resulted in flare-ups. A disadvantage is the price compared to the prescription creams.

The conclusion

This product was nice to put on and great since it is steroid-free and did seem to reduce eczema symptoms. I would recommend the product to those with mild skin problems or ones in only small amounts. However, it is probably too expensive for those with rashes over their whole bodies.


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