Feel Good For Life

Feel Good for Life

NZ Nutrition expert and TV personality Claire Turnbull has written ‘the ultimate guide to feeling good and looking fabulous’. This book contains all that you need to know regarding your own personal food preferences and how to find balance amongst the components of your life to live a more healthy, enjoyable life and keep it up for the long term.

I’m liking

There’s nothing ‘fadish’ about Claire’s approach to health, it’s all very balanced and accessible. She promotes a diet that is rich in vegetables, wholegrains, good fats and lean proteins. Things like treat foods are put into perspective. I’ve often fallen into the trap of eating them just because they’re convenient, but it’s not a very good excuse now is it?!

Eating the way that is explained in this book is sustainable and easy to follow, and there are recipes in the back to get you started. This book goes quite a bit further than just diet (sleep, activity levels, feeding your mind and soul) but it acknowledges that diet is the foundation to your health and the way you look.

Things that made me go hmmmm

This book has quite a lot of empty sections for filling out, asking you to get a bit introspective and discover why your habits are the way they are, or what changes you might like to see. Despite good intentions I don’t seem to make use of these types of sections, and when I do, I always feel quite silly doing it! This book stresses the importance of working through the questions and finding the answers, but I still found it a good read without going there.

The conclusion

Totally practical and based on solid research, Feel Good For Life is the sort of thing many people want to pick up in the New Year – desiring to see long-lasting changes in their eating habits and body shape. I would describe the book as very balanced, and pretty useful.

Published by Penguin, Feel Good For Life has an RRP of $30.

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