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How Do You Stop a Toddler from Biting

How to stop your toddler from biting

There is no denying the level of emotions that accompany biting. Whether your child is biting or being bitten, the emotions can be intense. If you find yourself thinking how do you stop your toddler from biting, you are not alone! Continue reading »

Learning self-control in the field of life

Learning self-control

Most children can learn self-control if they’re given the right help. In this article we dive into learning self-control in the field of life.  Continue reading »

Toddlers – carefree, risk-taking, naughty little thrill-seekers

Toddlers naughty little thrill-seekers

Ah, the toddler… a fully mobile being with virtually no common sense! With the exception of their afternoon siesta, toddlers can be active all day long! Toddlers are meant to be carefree, risk-taking, thrill-seekers. Continue reading »

‘Why Mummy?’ Encouraging a love to learn

Why Mummy encouraging a love to learn

‘Why does the moon change’, ‘why do clouds float’, ‘why does wind blow’, ‘Why? Why? Why?!’ is repeated incessantly by children between approximately 3-5 years old, sometimes to their parents’ and caregivers’ distraction. This is the age when children begin to learn how to learn. And our chance to instil in them a love for learning.  Continue reading »

9 trusted ways for handling night terrors – from Kiwi parents

9 trusted ways for handling night terrors

In response to a reader comment on our Nightmares and night terrors article, Kiwi Families reached out to our Facebook community for advice. As always, we got some amazing feedback we thought we’d share. In fact, we got 9 great ideas. Here’s 9 trusted ways for handling night terrors – from Kiwi parents. Continue reading »

Teaching your toddler deep breathing


Ever find yourself in a situation where your toddler is nearing meltdown mode, hyperventilating, panicking, losing all control? Teaching your toddler deep breathing may be the answer. Continue reading »

Managing 7 Year Old Behaviour-Ask Once, Tell Once

dealing with challenging behaviour

Dealing with challenging behaviour from a 7 year old is hard work, and can be very emotionally draining on parents. Here’s 4 key tips for managing 7 year old behaviour from parent expert Diane Levy. Continue reading »

Great Kiwi Families: The Solomon family

Great Kiwi Families: The Solomon Family

Over the last wee while, I’ve had contact from several families who live with children with different needs. These families are all so amazing in different ways and I though it would be great to hear some of their stories as part of our series on Great Kiwi Families. In this post, we talk to Ataahua Solomon, a kiwi living in Australia, and hear about life with her son, Kereama.  Continue reading »

ADHD and children

adhd and children

Having a child with behavioural issues can be extremely challenging for families. It can affect all areas of a child’s life and also the family’s as a whole. Stuart Passmore’s new book, The ADHD Handbook deals with the facts and myths around Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. We had a chat with him about some of issues for families with children with ADHD.  Continue reading »

Make a fresh start with your teen in 2014

Make a fresh start with your teen in 2014

Like most of us, you were probably hoping for a relaxed and enjoyable time over the summer  break.    Continue reading »

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