Awesome treasure hunts do not have to be difficult to organise or especially time consuming… but they can be if you want them to be!

A digital camera or a phone that can take photos is a great addition to a hunt, and little written clues to suit your age group of children in little accompanying envelopes add such a fun dimension (and for the scrapbookers amongst you, here is fodder aplenty for your next project – photos, envelopes and clues will look amazing on your next layout!).

Obviously safety is key, so you would want to keep things either very close to home or ensure your children are accompanied throughout their journey.

This site has some great ideas that can be readily adapted for a variety of situations including a Mall Hunt, Glow in the Dark Hunt or even a Recycle Hunt.

Here you can see a detailed neighbourhood treasure hunt “Amazing Race Thingy”, and extra elements make it extra fun – like involving other family members at the destinations playing the guitar or having a play sword fight for the next clue!

A list of simple things to find that you can cut, paste and print with little hassle can be found on this site.  There are also some cute invitations if your kids want to involve a few neighbours in their school holiday fun.

Make things a bit more difficult and you’ve got yourself an activity to keep teenagers busy too – check here for some ideas.

Happy Hunting!





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