The Kiwi Families Concept

The Kiwi Families website concept is very simple: to provide comprehensive practical parenting advice for New Zealand parents; where you can find everything you need to know about raising children in our country, from conception until they leave home.

We cover all ages and stages, from pregnancy through to tertiary education and helping your child find a job. In terms of age, we have taken our starting point as conception – that magic moment when you become pregnant and have created a new life.

Trickier though, is identifying our end point; after all, we’re parents forever, even after our children leave home! So we’ve chosen an “artificial” end point, which is when your child has got their first job and is on their way to financial independence. This may be after completing some form of tertiary training, and it will hopefully coincide with them leaving home!

In terms of topics, we will cover any topic that is of interest or concern to you in your role as a parent. Core issues that worry most of us include education, nutrition, and parenting challenges such as setting boundaries, maintaining discipline and instilling good values. In addition, we often need help when we make a key family decision, such as buying a family vehicle, booking a family holiday, or choosing a suitable pet.

For each topic we do the research for you, provide you with an overview of the issues, and refer you to pre-qualified websites where you will find more high-quality, detailed information. We also provide links to key support groups where appropriate.

So here’s our commitment to you: when you need advice, information or support, come to Kiwi Families first and we will help you.

Our Philosophy

Our team has some strong philosophical beliefs about how this site will operate.

Kiwi Families provides free, independent parenting help & advice and unbiased information about parenting in New Zealand.

Our aim is to help passionate parents become even better at what they are doing.

For this reason, membership is provided free to all parents in order to make these resources available to as many parents as possible.

We aim to provide high quality information that you can rely on. We have built a team that includes qualified professionals such as trained teachers and nurses, as well as having experts provide specialist information for the site.

Our information will always be independent and unbiased. The central text area of each page is regarded by us as “sacred”: that is, it will only contain practical information for parents. What it will not do is contain advertising or advertorial content. Advertising will be clearly identifiable in seperate banner areas.

To maintain our credibility, we will not sell products or services on the site ourselves. This would undermine our ability to offer unbiased assessments of any product or service. We will, however link you to reputable sites where you can make such purchases.

We will always provide information in a balanced manner, so that you can make your own choices. For example, on contentious issues such as immunisation we will clearly present the cases both for and against immunising your child. We will then leave you to make your own informed choice about this issue.

We will take an inclusive approach that is accepting of all religions, ethnicities and parenting situations. We recognise that families take many forms, and that “parents” visiting this site may include a wide range of people acting in a parenting role: biological parents, adoptive parents, foster parents, grandparents raising children, caregivers, single parents, step-parents, non-custodial parents and same-sex parents.

 Kiwi Families: We’re in this Together

Only by working together can we create a first-class site that truly meets your needs.

We greatly value your opinions and input, and will regularly invite you to take part in forum discussions, rank products and services, and share your thoughts on how we can build an even better website.

Help us to help you: remember, if we haven’t got what you need, let us know, and we will add it to the site as fast as possible!

We understand that being a parent is hard work. To be a good parent takes time, dedication and lots of love and patience.

If you’re already on this site you are clearly a passionate parent – like us, you want to do a little better each day, to give your children the best chance for the future.

Let’s work together to build a strong community of Kiwi Families.

Pip and Rochelle

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