Welcome to our competitions!  Here are a few things that will certainly brighten your day.

Last Month's Winners

June / July winners:

Disney on Ice: Lee Sanders, Elizabeth Mogensen, Kiri-Ann George, Katie Stodart
April/May competitions:
Ecostore Prize Pack: Raewyn Robinson
Goodbye Nits: Zara Titko, Fiona Jones, Patricia Bain, Sian White, Serena Kelly, Rob Fenton
Holdson Enchantment puzzles: Lee Masters, Juanita Hancock, Deb Wilson, Manja Brinkman
My Family Food Bag: Hannah Moore
Mountain Buggy Nano: Kama Winters
Masha Vegetable Masher: Jorja Wilkinson
Naturals Prize Package: Alison Spencer
Watties Squeeze and Stir Soups: Sonia Wilson
Percy Jackson DVDs: Deon Vosloo, Garth Johnstone, Lyn Jarman, Miranda Guirdham, Simonne goodall
Funbites Food Cutters from Squoodles: Louise Foster, Juscinta Heuss
Moshi Monsters Packs: Vanessa Hayward, Tanika Way, Annabel Cassidy
Custom Noughts & Crosses Print: Sandie Parr
Jo Frances Photography Session: Tonya Savage, Niva Chatterji, melanie lurman, Melissa Kemp, Linda Tapuvae, Katie Jones, Elizabeth Mogensen, Dione Munro, Cheri andrews, Judy McKee.

February / March competitions:
Farmer Brown - good eggs voucher pack: Ann Black
Southern Skies 500pc Puzzle: Deborah Langford, jan marner, Jason Maher, JANINE STEINMANN
Kiwigarden fruit snacks: Heatheranne Illingsworth, Helen Cameron, Angela candish, Kathryn Wheeler, Shane Whatford
Extreme Edge indoor climbing: Trista Milne, Sarah Barden, Alison Spencer, robert wallace, Gemma Bergin
Beneful: gemma young, Emi Gordon, Marcus McGrath
The herb farm and Waihi Bush treatment creams: Wendy Sherriff, Tori Dormer
Lonely Planet Word Search books: rob whiteley, Rachel Nolan, Angela Beaumont, Simonne Goodall, Melanie Anderson, andrea webb
Mocka Art House: Vikki Neilson, Joshua Webb, Natasha Hall
Pitango kids' meals: kailee Sutherland.

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