We love giving things away and on this page, you’ll find loads of great competition for fabulous Kiwi Families. Good luck!

Last Month's Winners

Give someone a cracker Christmas competitions:
Sleepdrops pack: Lorraine Scott
Food hamper: Gabriella Holloway
Funky gifts voucher: Erin Theobald
Goldair Pack: Raewyn Hayes
Mocka box car: Laura Davis
BeeBio pack: Kristina Roadley
Whitcoulls pack: Jo Scott
Goodbye ouch: Robert Parkin
Canterbury leather moccasins: Liz
Dolce Gusto: Rachelle O'Leary

October / November winners:
Fanks packs: Theresa Te Whaiti and Olivia Nolan
Kelly Tarlton's passes: Emma Farrant and Kim Griffin
The Dinosaur that Pooped packs: Jo Lamm, Melissa Kemp, Robert Wallace, Alie Churchill, Amy Nicholson
Blackmore's packs: Poh Chan, Bradie Paul, C Cockle, Hana Davey, Kiri Blackburn
What's under the stairs puzzles: Cheryl Allred, Jessica Tasker, Ingrid Wellacot, Nicky Winchester, Anthony Mason
Neutradol packs: Selina C., Kevin Clarke
Johnson's Baby packs: Melissa Shirley, Amanda Abbbot
Interiors 2 puzzles: Jennie Burney, Dara Robbie, Angela Smith, Andrea Fry, Bon Sian
Goodbye Sunfly packs: Emma Farrant, Jenny Toso, Allyce Pellowe, Imelda Chandler
Pharmacy gift cards: Amelia Norgrove, Michele Meade
Donovan's chocolates: Robyn Churchill, Anna King, Wendy De Vries, Dong Hong Xie
Schwarzkopf Professional BC Fibre Force pack: Tania Alexander
FABY pack: Louise Maginness
Schwartzkopf pack: Helen Ward

August / September winners:
Whittakers chocolate: Aaron Cheeseman, Samantha Campbell, Sarah Aalders
Berry Park plush packs: Laura Gunning, Kimberley Craig, Malien de Vries
Danny's Pita Bread packs: David Morgan, Stephanie Turley
Springfree Trampoline: Logan Mercier
Protect·A·Bed® cot mattress protectors: Sarah Willoughby, Hayley Flintoff, Kimberley Davies
My Family farm cards and Family Bag giveaway: Sue Marett
A month's supply of Treasures Newborn and Infant size nappies and Baby Wipes: Angela Beaumont
Cheeky Wipes kit: Victoria McEwing
Rollie Vertical Grill: Fiona Jones, Tracy Williams
Tottie and Dot book: Jo Tan, Michelle Thinnasagaren, Kathryn Hobbs
Sleeping Beauty DVD: Kirsty Tamati, Dave Wells, Carole Shirley
Jake and The Neverland Pirates DVD: Tui Amohanga, Stacey Mahoney, Heather Proffit
AVEENO® baby packs: Marta Byrski, Bradie Paul
Bio-Oil pack: Wendy Scott
Fry’s Family Meat-Free Spicy Butternut & Almond Bites: Blue Taurua, Elizabeth Whiteside, Vicky Marshall, Rhiannon Schroder, Natalie Jeffs.

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