Ko Wai E Huna Ana?


Who’s hiding? Who’s crying? Who’s backwards? Can you tell? Look again…18 fun-loving animals can be found on each question-posing page. This popular Gecko Press book was originally passed in 2008 and has been republished in Te Reo Māori as Ko Wai E Huna Ana?

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Hairy Maclary nō te Tēri a Tānarahana


For the first time Lynley Dodd’s famous Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy is available in Maori. Translated by broadcaster, actor and writer, Waihoroi Shortland.

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The Moose and the Goose


Heaps of fun is to be had in reading kiwi team Juliette MacIver and Jenny Cooper’s The Moose and the Goose. Rhyming text carries you on a journey as the characters board a train, squeeze in the packed-full caboose and meet various other characters doing slightly ridiculous things.

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Mrs Mo’s Monster


Mrs Mo’s Monster is about a monster eating all kinds of stuff. Mrs Mo asks the monster if he wants to try a new thing and the monster says NO, No, NO! At the end of the story, it’s Mr Mo’s birthday and Mrs Mo and the monster pull party crackers to celebrate. The monster finds out that he can do all kinds of things.

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Grandad’s Lucky Storm (at Capital E)


Once again Capital E has created a fantastic holiday program. My 5 ½ year old granddaughter and I were thrilled to see the lastest show ‘Grandad’s Lucky Storm.’ This is a very different, but thoroughly engaging show!

Firstly the audience are all ushered to Grandad’s place, where Grandad opens the door announcing that we’re early. We were ushed into his living room which is more of a shed than a living room, cluttered with motorbike parts and other paraphanelia, setting the scene for an interesting experience for his grandchild (all 30 of us)!

This is an intimate show with only 30 seats created by cushions and a couple of old couches in Grandad’s living room. A storm, pirate and many other characters absorb the young (and older audience), all played by one actor (Jason Whyte) who is a very compelling story teller. He certainly holds the attention of the 5-8 year old audience for the one hour duration of the show.

This no ordinary, run-of the-mill Grandad!

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The Family Cookbook


Food Tube is Jamie Oliver’s YouTube community of food lovers – the series showcases the most popular talent on the channel:

One of the first three books in the affordable Food Tube series, The Family Cookbook features recipes by Kerryann Dunlop – a real mum living in the real world on a real budget!

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The Wiggles: Apples & Bananas Tour

The Wiggles July 2014

I kicked off the school holidays by taking my four year old boy and six year old girl to the Wiggles Concert – The Apples and Bananas tour at the Aotea Centre in Auckland. The legendary performers pulled out all the old classics; Fruit Salad, The Wheels on the Bus, Simon Says, This Little Piggy and Big Red Car, to name a few. But the Wiggles themselves have morphed since we’d first met them. Lachy is now the sleepy purple Wiggle, (“Wake up Lachy!”) and there’s a new girl Wiggle in yellow, called Emma. The red Wiggle is Simon, and the Blue one is still faithful Anthony. Of course there’s Wags the Dog, Dorothy Dinosaur, Olly Octopus and Captain Feathersword.

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Asus T100 Tablet computer

ASUS T100 review

The ASUS T100 is a compact laptop tablet, which runs on the Windows platform. It’s a well-priced device that is great for families.

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Stories for 6 Year Olds and Stories for 7 Year Olds


Chosen with 6 and 7 year olds in mind, these are energetic collections of wonderful children’s stories. They are written by some of New Zealand’s leading writers for children such as Kate de Goldi, Barbara Else, Sandy McKay and Jane Buxton, as well as other seasoned and up-and-coming writers.

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The Cake Book


Food Tube is Jamie Oliver’s YouTube community of food lovers – the series showcases the most popular talent on the channel:

One of the first three books in the affordable Food Tube series, The Cake Book is from the cupcake queen of Food Tube, Jemma Wilson (Cupcake Jemma).

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