IMPROV for Kids (Wellington)


IMPROV for Kids
The Improvisors
Circa Theatre, Wellington
29 September – 11 October 11am (no Sunday performance)
$10 per person

It sounds like a recipe for disaster – no script, no plot – just four performers, an empty stage and a room full of kids waiting to be entertained. But this is the essence of an IMPROV for Kids show where the young audience provide the ideas and the performers mould these into a madcap hour of laughs and wild imagination.

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Mocka Wooden Table & Chairs


Nice, wooden furniture for small people is a great investment, I think. And setting up a zone for little ones to be busy at, which is safe and where there is no fall risk, is great for one’s peace of mind. So this five piece set from Kiwi company Mocka really ticks the boxes in terms of usefulness for me! It has a 60cm round table, two stools and two chairs with backs.

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Sand by Hugh Howey


Sand by Hugh Howey is a science fiction novel about a world buried under sand with survivors eking out their existence by diving through the sand to salvage remnants from the previous civilisation. That previous civilisation looks suspiciously like it might be current day earth but there are few clues as to what has happened and how the world was buried.

The story focusses on a number of members of one family each of whom has coped with their circumstances very differently.

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Rufus and the Rain


Rufus is a bear who just wants to enjoy a cup of tea in the sun.  But this is not as easy as you might think!

Rufus and the Rain is a story about weather patterns, the importance of the earth seeing a variety of weather, and the consequences of saying ‘go away!’

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True Grit – Junior Edition


Bear Grylls – he’s a hero of sorts.  He chose to live his life on the edge after being inspired by a number of other heroes, and this book brings together those people’s stories.  True Grit: Junior Edition is abridged from the original, making it suitable for the tween/teen age bracket, and probably some of the more resilient younger folks too.

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Tottie and Dot


Tottie and Dot are two little girls who live side by side. Life is very peaceful until one day the girls begin competing with each other to create the best house. As the story unfolds, jealousy takes hold and their competitive spirit gets increasingly out of control until ultimately, things collapse in a disastrous heap. Will Tottie and Dot realise the importance of their friendship before it’s too late?

Written by Tania McCartney and illustrated by Tina Snerling, Tottie and Dot is a fun book and great for stimulating discussion.

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Best Mates


Best Mates is a story about three school friends who go to war together. One is killed and buried at Gallipoli, the other two survive and remain friends, then go back to Gallipoli many years later to visit their friend’s grave.

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Little Creators Art Workshops at Capital E

capital e

From their website: Learn about and be inspired by the sculptures on Wellington’s waterfront. Experiment, learn and have fun with shapes, patterns, prints, colours, new materials and ideas while art teacher Karen Carey from Kids Art Labhelps you create your own original artwork in these weekly fun, theme based, hands-on and interactive art workshops. These workshops are designed for 3-6 year olds.

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Key Word Kids app


Key Word Kids is an educational therapy app designed to help children with language development. While created specifically for children with language delays or English as a Second Language learners, this app would also help kids aged three to seven years with listening and reading skills.

App for iOS available on iTunes (for iPad2, iPad3 and iPad mini, doesn’t work on original iPads.

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Real Fresh Gluten Free Food


Anna and Roger Wilde are a Nelson couple with a passion for eating healthy, delicious food. All the meals in Real Fresh Gluten Free Food are gluten free and many are vegan or dairy free. Meat eaters, don’t worry though! There is also a seafood and meat section.
Their recipes are generally quick and easy to prepare – no huge lists of ingredients or hundreds of steps to make a dish.

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