Everyday Easy Eats


If you were thinking school fundraising cookbooks were the variety that is spiral bound and a simple list of recipes in a basic typeset…. well it would appear those days are over. Or at very least, those others have been surpassed by Auckland’s Balmoral School. Everyday Easy Eats is a stunningly presented, hardcover cookbook that rivals any you’ll find in a bookstore.

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Baby Bjorn Active


The Baby Bjorn Active is a great baby carrier. Read the full review »

When to Rob a Bank


When to Rob a Bank is the latest book from the Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, the famous Freakonomics pair and it’s a collection of their best blog posts.

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Wildflower is a warm, thoughtful collection of Drew Barrymore’s non-chronological memoirs covering childhood, her business, dating and marriage, motherhood, family relationships and friendships.

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Simply Nigella – Feel Good Food


Nigella Lawson is back – causing us to slow down, pause and enjoy feel good food. Sounds good, right? From bowlfood (soups and noodle dishes) to tasty sides and sticky sweets, this is quite an interesting cookbook.

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Island Home


Tim Winton’s latest book – Island Home – is a memoir, rather than his usual novel genre. And yet, the book is a beautiful collection of essays which build together to paint a love story starring the Australian countryside where Tim has spent most of his years living. Even if you don’t normally read non-fiction, consider this one of his novels in disguise!

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Landscapes of New Zealand


Landscapes of New Zealand is a new book by acclaimed photographer Warren Jacobs, which showcases the country’s amazing contours from north to south. New Zealand is such a diverse country in terms of its terrain and landforms that no two areas are the same.

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Sonoma meets Miss Mouse


Sonoma Meets Miss Mouse is a heartwarming tale of a little girl named Sonoma and her new best friend. Through the warm, vibrant illustrations and rich text, children will learn the value of friendship and the importance of helping all creatures great and small.

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Rainbow Springs Nature Park


One of the most well-known attractions in Rotorua, Rainbow Springs has existed in various forms since 1929. These days, it’s a nature park and kiwi conservation site. In fact, just this month, the 1500th kiwi hatched at Rainbow Springs.

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Polynesian Spa Rotorua

Polynesian Spa review

When I think of Rotorua, the very first thing I think of is hot pools and a visit is not complete without heading to the pools. Polynesian Spa is one of New Zealand’s oldest international spas and people have visited the springs here since the 1800s. It also happens to be an amazing spot to visit.

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