Lascal Maxi BuggyBoard™


The Lascal Maxi BuggyBoard™ is a universal attachment to put behind strollers/buggies/pushchairs, for toddlers or preschoolers to stand on.

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I Am The Wolf… and Here I Come!


This book has been a popular title in France for some time, and has now been released in English. I can see why it’s a hit! 20 pages of thick board book fun, with a great ending, make for a wonderful read.

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Beautifully Brilliant Books

Beautifully Brillant Books

Beautifully Brilliant Books are a collection by Nicholas Rumble, who has long dreamed of writing and publishing books. The collection currently consists of 7 books, which are written by Rumble. Some are illustrated with Rumble’s own photography and others but the illustrations of others.

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Natvia Stevia and Norbu Sweetener


Lots of people are looking for alternatives to sugar these days and Natvia Stevia and Norbu Sweetener are two great options.

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The relatively new series of brightly-illustrated books on transport by Catherine Foreman is called ‘Machines and Me’. Trains is one title in this series, which also includes planes, boats and tractors.

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Line Up, Please!


Standing in line can be dull, but not when you mix tigers and frogs, sheep and skunks. But what could be worth waiting for…? From Japanese writer and illustrator Tomoko Ohmura, Line Up, Please is a new release from Gecko Press.

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Pom and Pim


Pom and Pim’s day is full of ups and downs, and luck both good and bad. Is eating a huge ice cream truly a good idea? Is it really bad luck that it’s raining? Or is it good luck…?

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IMPROV for Kids (Wellington)


IMPROV for Kids
The Improvisors
Circa Theatre, Wellington
29 September – 11 October 11am (no Sunday performance)
$10 per person

It sounds like a recipe for disaster – no script, no plot – just four performers, an empty stage and a room full of kids waiting to be entertained. But this is the essence of an IMPROV for Kids show where the young audience provide the ideas and the performers mould these into a madcap hour of laughs and wild imagination.

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Mocka Wooden Table & Chairs


Nice, wooden furniture for small people is a great investment, I think. And setting up a zone for little ones to be busy at, which is safe and where there is no fall risk, is great for one’s peace of mind. So this five piece set from Kiwi company Mocka really ticks the boxes in terms of usefulness for me! It has a 60cm round table, two stools and two chairs with backs.

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Sand by Hugh Howey


Sand by Hugh Howey is a science fiction novel about a world buried under sand with survivors eking out their existence by diving through the sand to salvage remnants from the previous civilisation. That previous civilisation looks suspiciously like it might be current day earth but there are few clues as to what has happened and how the world was buried.

The story focusses on a number of members of one family each of whom has coped with their circumstances very differently.

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