Rollie vertical grill


Rollie is a vertical grill designed to cook eggs (and other things) in minutes. The egg pops out in a sausage shape and is super easy to chop into bit sized bits for the small people.

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Koinei te Whare na Haki i Hanga / The House that Jack Built


You may be familiar with the original version of Gavin Bishop’s The House that Jack Built and this is a te reo Maori re-release of this popular book. Koinei te Whare na Haki i Hanga is a complex weaving together of the nursery rhyme with the cultural, historical and environmental context. The illustrations are rich, evocative and complex, and reward being looked at again and again.

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NZ Plants


New in Dave Gunson’s children’s wildlife pictures books is NZ Plants. With 24 pages of full colour images that explore our native and common flora, it is a great board book for teaching kids about the world around them.

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Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas


One of my new favourites, Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas is a lovingly told tale about Elizabeth the elephant seal, who swims down Christchurch’s Avon River and refuses to give this up as her home, despite several interventions by well-meaning humans.

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Sweet Treats to Share


A collection of recipes from New Zealand’s favourite bakers, Sweet Treats to Share is a beauty of a book. Those who lend their pen to this collection include Alexa Johnston, Allyson Gofton, Annabelle White, Dean Brettschneider and Kim Evans of Little and Friday. This list is a veritable smorgasbord of the nation’s most trusted bakers, making it easy for you to feel right at home with your bowl and whisk whenever the mood strikes you.

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Asus T100 Tablet computer

ASUS T100 competition

I’m not really a very technological person but I was interested to see how the ASUS  T100 Tablet computer compared to the iPad that I’m used to. It’s a really compact and light weight tablet and it has the added advantage of having a keyboard that attaches and detached. I travel a lot so this is quite appealing to me.

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NZ Shore and Sea


Many kiwi kids have the privilege of growing up near the sea everyday. My two year old regularly loves a trip to look at the ‘crabbies’ on our local shore, lifting rocks and giving looks of glee as the crabs run out and dash sideways around him. So a little book like this that helps him put many words to what he sees at the beach is really lovely.

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Bluebells Cakery


This is a baking book with a romantic feel, offering sumptuous recipes with stunning images. With classics that have been honed to perfection amongst creative recipes and many finished products that look impressive – this is the sort of cookbook that will look just as fitting on your coffee table as being (accidentally!) splashed with batter on the bench.

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Disney on Ice

disney on ice comp

Disney On Ice is a whistle-stop tour of some of your favourite Disney characters. With the added excitement of being an ice-skating show, this is good fun for the whole family!

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The Best-Behaved Bear


The newest title in Diana Noonan’s Best-Loved Bear series is The Best-Behaved Bear. It is a gorgeous, original story illustrated by Elizabeth Fuller.

Kiwi children have been reading The Best-Loved Bear for decades now, so it’s lovely that the publishers have brought out companion stories that are related but stand-alone stories also. The Best-Behaved Bear is a tale about Tim, who wants to take his favourite companion Toby on holiday. This is no ordinary holiday – it’s a tropical beach setting for his Aunty’s wedding! But how will Tim find room for Toby when there are so many other items the family needs to pack?

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