Moonman review

Moonman has often wondered what the glowing blue globe is that he can see from his home on the moon. But when he hitches a ride on a passing shooting star, he finds a world on earth that is completely different to his own. Here he discovers trees and fields of flowers and the sea. The only problem is that Moonman has never before encountered daybreak, and with it the burning sun: he must get back to the moon.

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At the Beach by Ned Barraud and Gillian Candler

At the beach review

At the Beach: explore and discover the New Zealand seashore is a wonderfully illustrated book perfect for families who want to get more out of their time at the beach. It has detailed description of what might be found at different types of beaches, e.g. mudflats, sandy or rocky. It also has a removable waterproof identification guide you take take along with you to the beach!

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Have you seen a monster?


Elliot and Emma-Jane Rose have a knack for finding things, and right now they are HOT on the trail of something very…B I G and very…H A I R Y. Elliot and Emma-Jane Rose follow the clues to something they did NOT expect. Have you seen a Monster? is a pictorial gem from Raymond McGrath.

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Maori Art for Kids


Maori Art for Kids is a collection of 15 projects, which offers children a range of unique Maori art experiences. Practical skills cover sculpture, photography, design, paint, mixed media, collage and more. Easy-to-follow instructions include illustrations of the steps involved, using everyday craft materials, recycled and found objects. Examples of taonga (treasures) created by leading contemporary artists are shown alongside each project with a brief explanation of the object, its purpose and use in the past and present.

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One Night


On the very first Christmas Eve, so the story goes, the animals were given a very special gift to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Since then, at midnight on Christmas Eve the animals remember. One Night is a beautiful retelling of an old Christmas folktale.

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Funny Girl by Nick Hornby


Funny Girl is the latest novel from Nick Hornby. It’s the swinging 60s and England is mesmerized by unlikely comedy star Sophie Straw, the former Blackpool beauty queen who just wants to make people laugh, like her heroine Lucille Ball. Behind the scenes, the cast and crew are having the time of their lives. Of course, it can’t all last forever.

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The Children Act

The Children Act review

The Children Act by Ian McEwan is a peep into the way the justice system works. It deals with England’s 1989 Children Act, which placed the welfare of children as the court’s primary consideration.

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Jo Seagar Bakes

Jo Seagar Bakes review

The cover photo says it all, really. A gorgeous chocolate layer cake piled with berries, being given its finishing touches by a smiling Jo Seagar. In a brief introduction to Jo Seagar Bakes, Seagar explains that her purpose in writing it is to play the role of a mother or grandmother, standing by and providing the tips and tricks gained by experience to make the cook look good when the final product is served!

The recipes are pretty much all sweet, some of them decadently so, and cover biscuits, scones, slices, muffins, loaves and cakes.

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Pinocchio, by Michael Morpurgo

pinocchio review

Popular children’s author Michael Morpurgo brings an original take on the Pinocchio tale by telling it in the first person. It’s a chunky little book at 266 pages, but plenty of pictures and humour mean those pages will fly by.

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My New Zealand board books

My New Zealand board books review

Learn numbers – from one to one million! – with amazing art and objects from Te Papa, and fun rhyming text in this gorgeous board book. There are three books in this inspiring new series – My New Zealand ABC Book, My New Zealand 123 Book and My New Zealand Colours Book – developed by Te Papa’s own curators and educators.

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