We’ve compiled a basic checklist of baby products and essential items to help new parents with newborn bubs to think about just the most essential items you may need. Use our lists below to create your own essential checklist before the big day arrives!

It can be really overwhelming shopping for a newborn. Let’s face it, you’re a captive market, and companies that sell baby gear, know this and use it to their advantage.

Sure, if you can afford it and you want new and best for your bub, then go crazy. Just know that ‘seasoned’ parents have learnt that babies really don’t need a whole lot to get by. You need to keep baby warm, clean, dry, safe and well fed. You’ll want a safe and quality sleeping space for bubs and they’ll need some mental stimulation and engagement when they’re awake. You’ll also need to think about being mobile, a carseat and stroller, and various ‘baby on the move’ items.

But that’s really about it. There’s a lot of products on the market that are really for the parents more than the newborn!

Also, don’t forget that many, or even all, of the things on this list can be purchased second-hand, or even just passed along by other parents. We used a second-hand bassinet, stroller, carseat, clothes and even bought clean, second-hand reusable diapers for our first child! So definitely ask around friends and family, you can save a small fortune by going second-hand

Here’s an essentials shopping list of baby stuff – products – accessories – gear – clothes – you may need to buy, or to ask for as gifts (especially if you’re having a baby shower). Buy all of these items online or from high street retailers.

Baby Essentials Checklist

Sleep Time Essentials

All You Need for Newborn - Baby Essentials Checklist-Sleep time

As parents, we understand the importance of ensuring our babies get the best sleep possible.

A good night’s sleep benefits our little ones and allows us, as parents, to recharge and be at our best. Here are some essential tips and items to consider when it comes to your baby’s sleep time:

Sleep Time Essentials Qty Description
Cot or Bassinet and Mattress 1 A cot or crib is a small bed for newborns and young children. Typically cots are fixed beds, whereas bassinets tend to swing, or even connect to the bed.
Sheet Sets 3 Baby bed sheets include a flat top sheet, a fitted bottom sheet, and pillowcases.
Cot Blankets 2 Keep your baby’s head out of the blanket; it should only go up to their shoulders. If you wear your baby in a sling or carrier, don’t put the sling material or cloth over their head. Put your baby in the feet-to-foot position, with their feet at the end of the cot or Moses basket
Mattress Protector 1 protects it against most accidental spills, bacteria, and allergens.
Bassinet & Mattress – the bassinets typically already come with a safe mattress for your newborn to sleep on.
Portacot or Travel crib 1 Is to be used for a baby when a regular cot isn’t available. They’re made of four fabric or mesh sides, with a removable mattress, and fold up for transportation.
Quilt or Duvet Set 1 Quilts are suitable for people who like to stay calm or sleep with covers. People who want a warmer, thicker body should use a blanket.
Night Light 1 Creates a sense of security and alleviates fears of the dark, especially for children.
Baby Monitor 1 From basic models that just send sound in one direction, to expensive tech with cameras and breathing monitors.
Humidifier It’s healthy to sleep with a cool mist fan in your room. Even if you don’t have asthma, sleeping with a humidifier can benefit your health in several ways.
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Feeding Essentials

All You Need for Newborn - Baby Essentials Checklist-Feeding time

We all know how important for us to provide the best nourishment for our baby’s growth and development. Welcome to this variety of feeding essentials for our little one. Hoping this can help us parents with what is best for our babies.

Feeding Essentials Qty Description
Breast Pads 6 Breast pads are made of cloth or paper that a nursing mother wears between feedings to soak up any milk that might leak.
Bibs 6 Bibs are pieces of cloth or plastic worn around their necks while eating to keep their clothes clean.
Highchair/Booster Seat 1 A smaller, lighter version of a high chair that can hold your baby or child at the right height for eating at a table.
Feeding Pillow 1 Nursing pillows are great for supporting babies when they are being fed
Breast Pump 1 Pumping can help moms get more milk from their breasts.
Bottles 2-6 Babies, young children, or people with trouble drinking from a cup typically use bottles. They can also be used to feed or be fed.
Sterilisation Unit 1 Sterilization is the process of killing or getting rid of all infectious life.
Spill Mat 1 To catch any spills that happen while making cocktails.
Formula mini storage containers When you open a jar of baby formula, store it in a cool, dry place with the lid tightly closed.
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Bathing and Changing Essentials

All You Need for Newborn - Baby Essentials Checklist-Bathing time

Another milestone for our baby’s journey is bathing and changing your baby. This can be both rewarding and challenging.

It’s a particular time for bonding, but it can also come with its fair share of messes and uncertainties. From choosing the right products to establishing a routine, we’ll help us create a safe and comfortable environment for your little one.

Bathing and Changing Essentials Qty Description
Change Table 1 Change tables are used to change a baby’s diaper at a height that is easy for the caretaker.
Nappy Disposal Unit 1 This is a must-have if you use cloth diapers that you will reuse. It would help if you had a place to store dirty diapers until you are ready to wash them
Baby Bath 1 The baby bath keeps bugs and germs away and helps the baby’s body stay at an average temperature
Bath Insert 1 Bath inserts are built into a hob, which is a tiled part that holds the inset bath.
Baby Towel Set 1+ Most baby towels have caps that stay easily on a baby’s head.
Gauze Face Cloths 1+ Baby washcloths are pieces of fabric made to clean a baby’s face and body
Body Wash Cleans your skin the same way soap does, but it usually has a mix of ingredients to help treat common skin problems. A body wash can help babies with dry skin, clogged pores, and flaking skin.
Body Lotion It strengthens the skin barrier, the skin’s first line of defense against your babe’s microbial invasion, and is easy to remove.
Set of a hairbrush and comb: The bristles on these brushes are very soft. The bristles don’t comb through the hair like a regular brush; they mostly smooth it. They are very gentle on your baby’s skin and great for stylingbaby hair that is very fine.
Baby Bathtub The best thing about a baby bathtub is that it keeps your baby from slipping and has a shaped perch that keeps your child’s head out of the water. Most of these tubs also have a baby sling and a plug for the drain
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Clothing  Essentials

All You Need for Newborn - Baby Essentials Checklist-Clothing time

Finding the right clothing essentials is crucial when dressing our precious little ones. Not only do you want your baby to look adorable, but you also want them to feel comfortable throughout the day.

We’ll guide you through the must-have clothing items for your baby, ensuring they are cozy, protected, and stylish. Let’s get started!

Clothing Essentials Qty Description
Singlets/bodysuits Singlets and body suits are pieces of clothing with short or long sleeves that pull over your baby’s head and snap under his diaper. This keeps your baby covered while they sleep or move around. When your child has a blowout, it’s helpful to have a bodysuit with a stretchy top and a collar that comes apart at the shoulders. This way, you can pull the dirty bodysuit down instead of pulling it over your child’s head.
Stretch n Grows 5 Stretch n Grows keeps baby’s feet covered and has snap rings down the front and around the legs to make diaper changes easy.
Socks/Booties 4 Socks and booties are short, soft clothes that look like socks or boots and are worn for warmth or safety.
Hats/Bonnets 2 Hats and bonnets: A light linen or cotton bonnet lets air in and keeps your baby cool. It also makes the cutest frame for your baby’s face.
Mittens 3 Mittens are gloves that protect babies’ hands.
Sleep Suits/Nightgowns 2 A sleepsuit or nightgown will keep you warm and comfortable all night.
Cardigans/Jackets 3 Cardigans and jackets are clothing that covers the upper body and are often made of wool.
Going Out Outfit 1 Outfit for going out: such as long, light-colored pants.A long-sleeved T-shirt. and A hat to cover their heads and face.
Leggings or Tight Pants keep little legs and feet warm on cold days, and they can also be a cute and helpful way to dress up an outfit.
Fleece Bunting Suit If you use a fleece bunting, you won’t need extra pants or a jacket. A fleece bunting suit will keep them warm when it’s cold and make it easy to change their diapers outside if required.
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Out and About Essentials

All You Need for Newborn - Baby Essentials Checklist-Out and about time

The following essentials will help our baby feel comfortable. You may consider the following items below.

Out and About Essentials Qty Description
Car Seat 1 A car seat is a seat that can be taken out and used to keep a small child safe in a car.
Pram / Pushchair / Buggy 1 Is a small car with four wheels that can move a baby or young child around.
Sunshade 1 controls how much direct sunlight comes in through the windows of your building.
Storm Cover 1 Rain covers are a safe and effective way to keep your kids dry and protect them from the weather.
Padded Seat Liner 1 This comforts the seat, protects against cooling under the heat, and is easy to wash in case of an accident.
Nappy Bag 1 It is a storage bag with many pockets that is big enough to hold everything a person taking care of a baby needs for an ordinary short trip.
Front Pack/backpack/sling 1 A front pack, a backpack, or a sling is a structured fabric bag that holds your baby close to your body.
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Health and Safety Essentials

All You Need for Newborn - Baby Essentials Checklist-safety time

Who truly understands the joys and challenges of raising children? We, parents; thus, want to ensure you have all the information you need to keep your baby safe and healthy. Let’s dive in and help you reach your true parent potential!

Health and Safety Essentials Qty Description
Cupboard/fridge safety locks Cupboard and refrigerator safety locks keep kids from getting their hands on things that could hurt them.
Door Jamb is there to hold the door for a long time.
Safety Plugs are made to keep kids from getting hurt when they play with an outlet.
Stairs/Door Barriers Are made to keep babies and children from getting into areas of the house that might not be safe.
Medicine Spoon/Syringe to give liquid medicines by mouth to babies, children, or people who have trouble swallowing pills or capsules.
Thermometer is a tool for figuring out how hot or cold something is.
Baby Monitor As long as you follow the other health and safety rules, most baby monitors are safe.
Baby nail diaper file is a tool used to shape and smooth the nails’ ends gently. After the nail has been cut with the right tools, it is often used in manicures and pedicures.
Cradle cap brush, You can gently remove skin flakes from your baby’s head. Cradle cap, also called seborrheic dermatitis, is a common problem that affects babies. It happens on the scalp and is also called seborrheic dermatitis.
First-aid kits help you handle medical crises as quickly as possible. In an emergency, even one minute of waiting can cause irreparable harm.
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Playtime Essentials

All You Need for Newborn - Baby Essentials Checklist-play time

Playing is essential for our baby’s development. As parents, we understand the importance of nurturing your little one’s growth while fostering a strong bond.

So, here are some play essentials to discover how playtime can bring joy and learning to kids.

Playtime Essentials Qty Description
Bouncer 1 A baby can sit in a seat called a “bouncer” that hangs from rubber bands and moves up and down.
Playmat 1 Is a floor covering that gives your little one a safe, clean place to play. There are a lot of different sizes, shapes, colors, and fabrics to choose from. After their crib or stroller, the floor is the best place to put them.
Rattles 1 It helps babies develop their fine motor skills by giving them different ways to grab things. They hold and keep the baby’s attention, allowing the baby’s brain to grow.
Soft Toys 1+ Soft toys are animal-shaped toys made of cloth and stuffed with a soft material
Books/DVDs/Music 1+ When young children listen to books, DVDs, or songs, their brains change.
Music can make people feel better and give young children more confidence by making them feel less stressed.
Even sad music can be good for kids because it can help them get in touch with their feelings by letting them get those feelings out.
Exerciser/Jumper/Swing 1 Exerciser, jumpers, and swings let your baby play and have fun in a safe place. They free up your hands to take a break or do something else.
Squishy baby ball Is a classic toy that helps babies learn how to grasp and let go of things.
Shape Sorter Is often a box with holes of different shapes on each side. Each box will have authentic pieces that match the form on the box’s outline. Then, your child should put the work through the hole that fits the design.
Stacking Day Stacking Day: Stacking toys are great for developing these skills because picking up and putting down items trains the child’s hand muscles and muscle control, as well as their ability to grasp and let go on purpose.
Activity centers are the perfect place for your baby’s growing curiosity.
They give your child a safe place to try out different textures, movements, sights, and sounds and to work on fine motor skills like the pincer grasp, reaching, grabbing, and shaking how to move their fingers and control them.
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 Sleep Time Qty  Feeding Qty
*  Cot and Mattress 1 *  Breast Pads 6
*  Sheet Sets 3 *  Bibs 6
*  Cot Blankets 2 *  Highchair/Booster Seat  1
*  Mattress Protector 1  Feeding Pillow  1
 Bassinette & Mattress 1  Breast Pump  1
 Portacot 1  Bottles  2-6
 Quilt or Duvet Set 1  Sterilisation Unit 1
 Night Light 1  Spill Mat 1
 Mobile 1
 For more information on Products click here   For more information on products click here 
 Bathing/Changing Qty  Clothing Qty
 Change Table 1 *  Singlets/bodysuits 4
 Nappy Disposal Unit 1 *  Stretch n Grows 5
 Baby Bath 1 *  Socks/Booties 4
 Bath Insert 1 *  Hats/Bonnets 2
 Baby Towel Set 1+ *  Mittens 3
 Gauze Face Cloths 1+ *  Sleep Suits/Nightgowns 2
*  Cardigans/Jackets 3
 Going Out Outfit 1
 For more information on Products click here   For more information on products click here 
 Out and About Qty  Health & Safety Qty
 *  Car Seat 1  Cupboard/fridge safety locks
*  Pram / Pushchair / Buggy 1  Door Jams
 Sunshade 1  Safety Plugs
 Stormcover 1  Stairs/Door Barriers
 Padded Seat Liner 1  Medicine Spoon/Syringe
 Nappy Bag 1  Thermometer
 Frontpack/backpack/sling 1  Baby Monitor
 For more information on Products click here   For more information on products click here 
Playtime Qty
 Bouncer 1
 Playmat 1
 Rattles 1
 Soft Toys 1+
 Books/DVDs/Music 1+
 Exerciser/Jumper/Swing 1
 Frontpack/backpack/sling 1
 For more information on Products click here 

In conclusion, preparing for your newborn baby can be a bit overwhelming, but having a baby essentials checklist can make it much more manageable.

You can focus on enjoying those precious first moments with your little one by ensuring you have most of everything you need on day one. So you’re sorted from the moment you leave the hospital or birthing centre.

So, take a deep breath, check things off your list, and enjoy the journey of parenthood!

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