This recycled bangle pencil holder is a neat little project for your older kids to make. One that not only looks cool, but is super-useful in keeping the study desk tidy, and all those pens in one spot.

Creating a recycled bangle pencil holder is really easy, and will only take about an hour to complete, from start to finish.

This makes a fun rainy day project to keep your kids occupied. And they’ll be really satisfied by the results once they have finished.

In the instructions I suggest using a hot glue gun, because it dries really fast. But if you don’t have a glue gun you can use a strong craft glue, this will just take a little longer to dry. Also I found that when I made one with craft glue the join was tighter. So if you’re using a hot glue gun, make sure you have really good quality glue.

Recycled bangle pencil holder

wooden bracelet pen holder set up
You will need
Wooden bangles
Resene test pots in Buzz, Ballerina and Charlotte
Cork board or thick card
A small, flat paint brush
Glue gun and glue sticks

What to do
1. Draw around your bangle onto a piece of cork board, or thick cardboard and cut it out. This will become the base of your bangle pencil holder.
wooden braclet pen holder circle

2. Paint the first coat on your bangles. The wooden bangles are very porous, and you will find they dry very fast. Once your first coat is dry, add a second coat to make the colours pop.

wooden braclet pen holder stacked

3. Decide on the order you would like your coloured bangles to sit.

4. Next start by glue gunning the first wooden bangle to your cork or cardboard base

5. Finally glue the rest of the bangles together and ta-da! you have yourself a wooden bangle pencil holder.

wooden bracelet pen holder gluing

If your kids really enjoyed making this recycled bangle pencil holder, try our DIY driftwood jewellery holder for older kids. Or check out hundreds of other ideas in our Arts and crafts section.

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