If you’re looking for a fun, and easy, Easter craft to do with your kids, try this out. This Easter bunny silhouette craft is suitable for all ages. And the end result makes a wonderful card to give to grandparents, or school teachers. Or a cool Easterwall hanging for your kids’ walls. 

We just love Easter at Kiwi Families HQ. We like to include a bunch of activities, and story-telling, in the lead up to Easter weekend. And to try and make it more than just about chocolate eggs!

We like to do Easter crafts that can be used as gifts, or cards, to send to the Grannies. This gets them thinking about the wider family. And there’s lots of Easter-related discussion that goes on. Why do we celebrate it? What do other families do? Why do we get Easter eggs? This also helps to broaden our kids’ thinking.

On Easter day we always do an Easter egg hunt. But, again, it’s not just about the chocolate. We dress up, use baskets we’ve made ourselves, make the photo scavenger hunt last as long as possible, and finish up with a nutritious family breakfast. Then we eat chocolate!

This project is one of two different cards we’re making this Easter. We use the Bunny Template below for both, you can check out the other project here: Potato stamp Easter egg cards.

I’m sure the Grans are going to love it!

Some useful tips before starting

This can be messy business, especially for little hands so it pays to set up the work space first. I like to make sure there’s a piece of plastic down first.

And it’s also a good idea to have a larger piece of scrap paper under their painting to catch the extra paint that gets scraped off. That way you can just remove this when it gets too messy. Also having a bunch of paper towels, or water wipes, on hand is super helpful!

Easter Bunny Silhouette Craft

You will need

Printed Bunny Template (Bunny Template free printable)
Paint (we used Resene test pots in Lickety Split, Shooting Star and Riptide)
1 A4 sheet of thick paper
Black Washi tape
1 blue pompom
Small thick card, or old plastic card, to scrape the paint
Craft knife
Plastic spoon
Paper towels for wiping up

What to do
1. Prepare the work surface with newspaper, or a sheet of plastic, as this can get a little messy with kids.

2. Using the plastic spoon drizzle and dab the 3 different colours of paint around your page. Kids will want to lay the paint on thick. They get a little caught up on the fun of dripping the paint off the spoon! So it’s a good idea to remind them not to use too much paint at this stage. ‘less is more’, ‘less is more…’
easter craft drips

3. Using a thick piece of card, or old plastic card, scrape the paint around the page. Try and get your kids to use a sweeping motion, to get some movement in the colour. Place aside to dry.

easter silhouette craft dips   Easter silhouette craft paint

4. Now print out the Bunny Template (Bunny Template free printable), and cut around it with a craft knife, to create a cut-out silhouette. If your kids are young, just do this for them. But if they’re around 9 and up, you can give them a go cutting around the template. Just make sure they know to always cut away from the hand holding the paper.

5. Once the paint is dry, glue the Bunny Template over the top of the painted page.

6. Tape a black boarder around your picture using black Washi tape.

One thing I would do different next time is to use a thicker paper, or thin card for the silhouette frame. This will involve a 2-step process, however. You’ll need to print out the bunny template onto paper, then place this onto thin card, and trace around it. Then you could cut the silhouette out of the card.

If your kids love tipping and dripping paint, check out another great painting idea to do with kids. Or for 100s more craft ideas, check out our Creative arts and crafts section.

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