We want to make some cards to give to the Grandparents for Easter this year. We were thinking something Easter egg related, and we came up with this idea to make Potato stamp Easter eggs.

We just love Easter at Kiwi Families HQ. We like to include a bunch of activities, and story-telling, in the lead up to Easter weekend. And to try and make it more than just about chocolate eggs!

We’ve had loads of fun making these cards over the last few days to send to the Grannies. We tried embellishing them a couple of different ways, some of which didn’t work out!

Potato Stamp Easter Eggs-painting on potatoes

Then I came up with the idea of using the cut out bunny shapes from our other Easter card project, Easter bunny silhouette craft. The silhouettes we cut out made great frames.

But the actual bunny shapes were cool too, and all I had to do was paste them on over the kids’ potato stamping. I’m always one for reusing wherever possible!

Potato Stamp Easter Eggs-stamping potatoes

Both these Easter card projects turned out great. I’m sure the Grans are going to love them!

Potato Stamp Easter Eggs

You will need
Craft knife
A4 or A5 thick paper
Acrylic paints (we used Resene test pots in Dancing Girl, Gelato, Tutti Fruiti and Buzz)
Paper or plastic plate
Printed Bunny Template (Bunny Template free printable)
Gluestick or PVA glue

What to do
1. Cut your potatoes in half.

2. Using the craft knife, cut out some simple Easter egg-inspired designs into the potatoes. This was my first time making potato stamps, and they can be a little tricky to cut. Just take your time, and keep the cuts to fairly simple designs.

3. Once you’ve cut out your Easter egg designs make sure you pat the potatoes dry.

4. Spread out some paint onto the plastic plate and let your little ones squash the potato into the paint. They can also try painting different colours directly onto the potatoes with the paintbrush. Our 5 year old tried this technique, and could do it quite well. Just make sure thye paint right out to the edges of the potato.

5. Then press the potato firmly onto the surface of the paper. Try and get your kids to push firmly, but not move the potato stamp around before carefully lifting it off again.

6. Rinse and pat dry the potato stamps as you go, so the colours don’t mix too much.

7. While you wait for the paint to dry, print out the Bunny Template (Bunny Template free printable). Cut around the bunny shape, and paste this onto the card, using the gluestick. You’ll cover up some of the stamping with the bunny shape, which is fine, just place it at an interesting angle, wherever it looks best.

If your kids love stamping, here’s how to Make your own shape stamps. Or for 100s more craft ideas, check out our Creative arts and crafts section.

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