My daughter has been interested in mermaids lately, so for these school holidays we decided to make a mermaid peg doll. They are super-simple to make and kids of all ages will have fun with them.

Pegs are such a diverse craft material to use. They’re fantastic for creating all kinds of characters. Last year we tried making cute little Christmas decorations with them.

You don’t need too many supplies either. Just some wooden pegs, paint, foam or paper, wool and a few sequins to give it a bit of bling.

You could also collect some mini shells from the beach to glue on to them for some natural bling too.

How to Make a Mermaid Peg Doll

mermaid peg doll materials

You will need
Wooden pegs
PVA glue
Foam paper
Resene test pots (I used Zoop De Loop and Soulful)
A fine tip black pen

What to do
1. Paint the top half of your mermaid in Soulful and the bottom half in Zoop De Loop. Set aside to dry.
mermaid peg doll resene zoop de loop
2. Grab your foam paper and trace around the bottom of the peg bottom to make the tail. After you trace around the peg, draw in a fish like tail and cut this out. If your peg is dry, glue the back of the foam paper and push it up between the peg opening.
mermaid peg doll tail 2
3. Now glue some sequins on for a belt and a bar top. Then draw on a wee face using a fine tip pen.
mermaid peg doll tog top
4. Cut about 20 pieces of wool 15cm long and tie them in the middle. Add glue to the top of your peg and attach the wool hair.

mermaid peg doll hair
And just like magic your mermaid doll is complete! Time to go play.

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peg mermaid doll pin

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