Learning music of any sort is a way for your child to develop skills intellectually, emotionally, and socially. Music truly is a gift that lasts a lifetime, because the skills that are learned transfer over to every area of your child’s life.

Choosing the Right Musical Instrument

As parents you can give your child the same opportunity – in fact, more opportunity in this day and age. The range of musical outlets these days is vast. From preschool music appreciation courses to Intermediate orchestras. When they reach secondary school, your teenager can even gain qualifications in a range of performance-based music subjects or perhaps aspire to the national Smoke Free Rock Quest. The sky’s the limit.

But where to start? As you can see from the list of musical instruments in this section, there’s an instrument for everyone. One suggestion is to be guided by your child. Perhaps they’ve been inspired by a performer, concert, TV show or CD. Go with the flow, encourage them and if they choose to change instruments during the course of finding out what works best for them – that’s okay. Remember, we’re encouraging their creativity, which will find the best outlet in due course. It’s all about having fun while they explore and learn.

When to Start Learning Music

Okay, not every child is going to be the next Mozart performing at three and writing symphonies at seven, but there is no right or wrong age to begin playing an instrument. If they show a musical interest even before starting primary school great, encourage that. If your teenage son suddenly gets inspired to take up rock guitar in his mid teens…….well, encourage that too.

How to Get Started Learning to Play Music

If your child is a pre-schooler, there are several musical programmes available designed specifically for this age group.

Most NZ schools offer musical instrument tuition as an extracurricular activity, instrument included. School bands and orchestras provide a performing platform for your child to play before the public.

Another option is hiring a musical instrument. Most musical instrument retail stores offer hirage options on pianos, keyboards, woodwind and brass instruments. Some hire drum kits. This is a great way to let your child test the musical waters without outlaying the entire cost of the instrument. Let them try before you buy.

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This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.

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