We were so excited when we found our first painted rock. Our 4 year old daughter found one randomly in a park in Whanganui when we were on holiday. Since then we’ve been doing a lot of rock hunting, and rock painting at the Kiwi Families HQ. So we thought it was time to pull together 5 painted rock ideas that rock!

The painted rock craze is such a cool idea. First there’s the rock gathering, which means getting down to the beach, or a river for some good old fashioned scavenging (exercise, check!). Then there’s the painting part (creativity, check!). Then there’s the hiding, and finding, of other painted rocks (fresh air, outdoors, more exercise, check, check, check!). And then there’s the whole social media side, where you can upload your finds, and interact with other rock hunters in your local community (safe social networking, check!).

Still, there’s more to rock painting than just hiding them around the neighbourhood, a lot more. Get some inspiration below from the 5 ideas for painting on rocks, then collect some stones with your kids, and see what else you can come up with. And as always, email us your ideas and pics, we love to see your work!

5 painted rock ideas that rock!

1. How to join the painted rocks craze

painted rocks

While walking my 3 year old daughter was super excited to find one of the painted rocks that people have been hiding.

This was such a special moment, because if there’s one thing my daughter loves, it’s a good old fashion treasure hunt.

2. How to make and use story stones

how to make and use story stones

I discovered story stones a little while back and decided it was time to share them with the Kiwi Families community. These story stones are inexpensive to make and can be used for a whole range of activities.

Story stones are basically a set of stones that you and your children create, that are then used to either retell a classic children’s story, or you can use them to make up your own stories.

3. Easy painted rock monsters


This craft is a great one for all ages. All you really need to do is lay out a bunch of materials and let your child’s imagination run wild.

A great way to lead into making easy painted rock monsters is to read them some monster stories.

4. 5 Little Whio – story stones

5 little whio story stones

We’re really loving painting on rocks at the moment and after creating our 3 little pig story stones little miss 3 decided we should make the 5 little ducks song on stones.

5 little ducks is one of her favourite songs to play and sing along to. And we thought we’d take the children’s classic song, and Kiwi it up a bit!

5. Painted rock photo holders


If your kids are into painted rocks, find out how to make a painted rock photo holder.

The painted rocks craze has made painting on rocks pretty popular again. Every holidays at our place you’ll usually see my kids painting up a rock and hiding them around our local area.

For even more great crafting ideas for kids, check out our Creative arts and crafts section.

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