The Salvation Army is a world-wide church and social services organisation. The Salvation Army in NZ provides extensive community services – Family Stores, Food Banks, Accommodation, Welfare, Addictions, Employment Training and much more.

What is The Salvation Army?

The Salvation Army operates in 111 countries. The organisation operates in a similar structure to a traditional army, with territory leaders taking on the military title of Commander.

The Salvation Army message is based on the bible, and the work they do is motivated by their Christian beliefs. Their mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and meet human need without discrimination. They work to alleviate poverty, deprivation, disadvantage, injustice and oppression in God’s name.

What does The Salvation Army do?

The Salvation Army aims to care for people and transform lives right across the globe. They are incredibly active in the community and provide programmes and services for people of all ages, sex, and cultures. There are over 100 churches, or corps, throughout New Zealand, and each one provides a different combination of services to the community. Some of the Salvation Army Services provided in New Zealand include:

Family Support

The Salvation Army provides a host of services aimed at supporting families including budget advice, parenting programmes, food services, early childhood assistance, employment training and providing furnishings. These services vary from city to city, but often include the following:

  • Budget Advice– including making sure you are receiving full benefit entitlements, and addressing any underlying issues such as gambling or alcohol addiction.
  • Parenting Assistance– including life skills courses, family mentoring and counselling.
  • Food Services– including food bank, meals on wheels, student meals, and free or low-cost meals delivered to low income families or people suffering from mental illness.
  • Early Childhood Assistance– including playgroups, music and gym groups, and early childhood education centres.
  • Employment Training– providing the less advantaged with an opportunity to find employment and develop a career.
  • Furnishings– donating good quality second hand furnishings to families in need.
  • Family stores – click through to find a Salvation Army Family store near you

Supportive Accommodation Services

The Supportive Accommodation Services aim to encourage personal empowerment within people who have various emotional, psychological and physical complaints. The service helps them to develop a healthy lifestyle, while still acknowledging individual needs for healing, growth and self fulfillment. The purpose of the Supportive Accommodation Service is to supply a place of shelter and support, as well as programmes which encourage independence, confidence and life skills.

Salvation Army Accommodation Centres include:

  • Bethany – a safe haven for young pregnant women and their babies.
  • The Inn – for troubled youth needing short term accommodation and assistance.
  • Night Shelters – for homeless people of all ages.
  • Supportive Health Services – for people with drug, alcohol or gambling problems. Also supportive services for people with intellectual or psychiatric disabilities.
  • Dee Cee House – for women who are prostitutes or substance abusers, or for other reasons are not eligible for shelter elsewhere.
  • Independent Living Units (ILU) – for low-income elderly people who are still able to live independently.

Court and Prison Services

The Salvation Army Court and Prison Service aims to help overcome some of the problems that arise when you go to court, either as a victim, defendant or support person. Primarily they offer emotional support and practical assistance in a non-judgmental way.

Salvation Army Court and Prison officers can assist in the following ways:

  • Explaining procedures and decisions
  • Obtaining information for you
  • Advising where to get legal advice
  • Showing you the right courtroom
  • Minding your infant during court time
  • Referring to other resources for help
  • Arrange transport if safety is a concern
  • Arrange emergency accommodation
  • Arrange for emergency food parcels
  • Offer a Christian support fellowship
  • Arrange community service opportunities
  • Arrange counselling as required
  • Visit family on remand or in prison
  • Assist inmates on release from prison
  • Visits inmates on request
  • Advise visiting hours and transport

Church Based Services

There are literally hundreds of different programmes being offered through Salvation Army churches in New Zealand, and they are continuously changing to meet the needs of the community. While it is impossible to list every programme available, all churches offer specialised programmes for children, men, women, families, youth, and seniors.

How is The Salvation Army funded?

The Salvation Army is funded through a mixture of donations, grants, sponsorship and public funding. They run regular appeals throughout the year, and people can donate money at any time by phoning 0800 520000. All the money donated is used to support the social service aspects of the Salvation Army. Any church or religious activities are funded by the church community.

You don’t have to be religious or a member of the Salvation Army to support its work. In addition to financial donations, they always welcome donations of food, clothing, furnishings and household goods. Volunteers are also needed to help with appeals and community projects.

How can I get their help?

Any person is welcome to attend a Salvation Army church service at anytime, and there are people there who will put you in touch with who you need. Alternatively, you can find a contact number for the Salvation Army and many of its specific services under ‘S’ in the white pages of your phone book, or check out their website

How much does it cost?

Most of the Salvation Army services are free, or can be paid for by way of donation. To find out costs for specific services you will need to contact your local Salvation Army.

Link to The Salvation Army Website
The Salvation Army website provides an enormous amount of information about all of their services, and talks in depth about specific projects which are working in various areas, including as an abuse support group. It also offers a good background to the organisation, both here and overseas, and provides contact details for nearly 100 centres throughout NZ.

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This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.

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I need housing help please….

My kids father was taken today and I stay in a portacom on his whanau land and now have to find somewhere to go I have couple weeks to find a place for me and my babies. …
I will be trying to go to winz to change benefit and go on housing list but don’t think they will find a place within two weeks and I no longer have transport .. so I need to look and ask everywhere I can. Can someone help me please


Hi Stacey, for emergency housing needs, you should get in touch with the Ministry of Social Development’s emergency housing team. They should be able to tell you who can help: — Jarrod

Maxine Tenbohmer

how do u get a salvation army xmas package, a friends of mine got heaps hot wheels cars etc


hi i am a pregant women with no where to go im in wellington my partner just kicked me out what do i do


hi ill need a good home for about a month or two

Rochelle Gribble

Hi Constance, You’ll need to contact the Salvation Army directly –




thank you do you accept runaways???

Rochelle Gribble

Hi Constance – sorry – this is – you’ll need to contact the Salvation Army directly –

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