The other day my daughter and I made a butterfly toilet roll craft. Today my daughter decided our butterflies needed some flowers! So we created this cool toilet roll vase with paper flowers for our butterflies to enjoy.

This project is a little tricker for small hands. But kids 5 and up should find them relatively easy to make. Plus it’s a great craft to develop kids cutting and fine motor skills.

Toilet roll craft – Paper flowers and vase


You will need

Toilet rolls

Coloured paper

Acrylic paints (we used Resene test pots in Riptide and Wild Thing)

Pipe cleaners or straws

A hole punch or a nail and some plasticine

Washi tape

What to do

1. Paint your toilet roll in your chosen colours, and set aside to dry.

2. To make the flowers fold your chosen coloured paper in half. Draw one heart onto the folded card and cut this out. By doing this you will have 2 heart-shaped petals that look the same. Next trace around one of your hearts, and cut this out too. You should now have 3 heart-shaped petals that look the same.

3. Now you need to make a hole in the base of each petal. This can be easily done by using a hole punch. Or, if like me you don’t have one, a nail and plasticine comes in handy. Simply place your petal onto the plasticine and poke a hole through it, using a nail or a screw.


4. Grab a pipe cleaner. This will become the steam of the flower so cut it to your chosen length. Make sure it’s not too long otherwise it will tip the vase over.

5. Poke the pipe cleaner through the 3 petal holes. Spread them out and twist the top of the pipe cleaner to form the centre of the flower.


6. Tape the backs of the flower in place. Repeat steps 2 – 6 and make as many flowers as you like.

7. Now to finish off the vase. To give your vase a base trace a circle just slightly larger than your toilet roll and cut this out.

8. Cut out 10-12 tags around the outside of your circle. Fold these in a little, and push the circle into the bottom of your painted toilet roll. It should stay put, and this creates the bottom of your vase.


9. Decorate your vase some more. We added yellow polka dots to ours by dipping a small pompom into the paint. Leave to dry.


10. Finally, arrange your paper flowers in the vase. Now you just have to give this to someone to brighten up their day!

That’s how to make paper flowers with a toilet roll vase. For more great toilet roll craft ideas check out Fun and easy craft ideas using toilet rolls.

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