Writers: Carol Gardiner

Carol Gardiner

Carol Gardiner is the Pamol® Brand Manager and proud Mum.

Keeping the bugs at bay this winter

keeping bugs at bay

Every year when winter hits, we wonder how can we keep our children from getting sick. It’s a good question but there are no easy answers. Cold and flu viruses can spread like wildfire through homes, daycare and schools during the cooler months and there’s no way to guarantee your children will avoid them. Continue reading »

Managing pain: Helping your child feel better

sick child

Children feel pain in much the same way as adults, but are usually a lot more vocal about it! As you’ve no doubt experienced, it can sometimes be very tricky to figure out what’s causing your child’s grumps or grumbles – as for example, a ‘sore head’ can mean anything from earache to headache to teething pain or a sore throat. Continue reading »

New advice for parents: Treat the child, not the fever


When your child has a raised temperature, it can also raise your levels of concerns. Should you take them to the doctor? Should you give them medicine? At what stage? And how much? Continue reading »

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