Writers: Jo Hayes

Jo Hayes

Jo Hayes is the owner of Soul Fertility and is a Natural Fertility Practitioner. She teaches couples and individuals how to chart their menstrual cycles to either achieve or avoid a pregnancy, and Breastfeeding Mama’s on their return to fertility after childbirth. Jo is accredited to Natural Fertility New Zealand.

Jo is a Mum to one, 20 month old daughter and is working on building her family further.

Understanding conception


Successful conception relies on such an intricate series of events, it is somewhat surprising that any of us are actually here at all!!  There are so many factors that may be responsible for a delay in starting your family. Continue reading »

Getting Pregnant in your 30s and beyond

Getting Pregnant in your 30s and beyond

More people are leaving starting a family to later in life. In fact, the average age for a first pregnancy in New Zealand is 30 – which is the highest in the world! Find out all you need to know about getting pregnant in your 30s and beyond. Continue reading »

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