Writers: Jonathan Collins

Jonathan Collins

Jonathan Collins is a father of two trampoline enthusiasts (daughter Jemma now bounces competitively). He is also a member of the Injury Prevention Network Aotearoa New Zealand (IPNANZ). As an acrobatically-challenged parent, Jonathan is proud to embarrass his children with a few safety moves of his own on their family Springfree.

The benefits of trampolines


As parents, our job is to protect our children and support their development; so one day they can stand on their own two feet, and support themselves. Part of this enormous job is screening what’s ‘harmful, and what’s beneficial for our munchkins. Continue reading »

Kiwi trampoline design rules the world (of course!)


Imagine this. Put a child on a moving mat suspended a metre off the ground. The mat’s job is to throw the child in the air. Surround it with rows of metal springs with gaps between them, then put a metal frame around that. The child now has is to keep balance and stay on. Continue reading »

Top 10 Tips for Trampoline Safety

trampoline safety in New Zealand

Trampolines are a lot of fun, and great for you too – just 10 minutes on a trampoline provides the same aerobic benefit as half an hour of running! But they can also be incredibly dangerous. Here’s our top tips for trampoline safety. Continue reading »

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