Writers: Rachel Faith Cox

Rachel Faith Cox

Rachel Cox is an Auckland wife and mother. She has two of her own children ...and two on loan from other mothers. She is a writer and blogger, an ex-teacher and a big believer that information is power. Her favourite topics to write about are all aspects of life with Pandysautonomia, parenting issues, chronic and invisible illness and disability, accessibility and the wonder of life in general. She blogs at www.rachelfaithcox.com

My child stutters, what can I do?

Stuttering in children

Find out all you need to know about stuttering in children, the signs and underlying causes, and more importantly find out what you can do about stuttering, and where to turn to for help. All this and more in my child stutters, what can I do? Continue reading »

Everything You Have Always Been

Everything You Have Always Been

Is it ever too late to follow your dreams? What was your first dream for yourself? I’ve been surprising my middle-aged mummy self with a whole new way of thinking. And you know what? Going back in time to find that thing you used to love, it’s not a bad strategy. Continue reading »

Why household jobs can make your kids happier

household jobs

David Stendl-Rast is a very wise man. He gave a TED talk all about happiness. It was a simple exploration of a question that dogs modern thinking. How can we become happier?

Continue reading »

Treatment for worms in kids

threadworms in kids

A beam of sunlight projects through the window and across the bathroom. You notice the dust dancing in the golden light. You cant see it, but floating in that pretty beam of light is a tiny little egg. It lands quietly on your child’s toothbrush. Read on for dealing with worms in kids!

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Facing life’s challenges as a family

life's challenges

Did you know what an incredible biological feat it is to conceive a child? I knew for some people it was a challenge, but it wasn’t until I watched a science documentary about the human body that the sheer miracle of conception made landfall in my brain. It made me marvel at the human race, at how we keep going, and growing, against the odds. Continue reading »

Early signs of pregnancy

Early signs of pregnancy

…could I be, pregnant? You might have asked yourself this little question in the quiet recesses of your mind. Our instincts are still a little understood factor in pregnancy prediction. But that first little question may in fact itself be an early sign of pregnancy. Perhaps you’ve been on high alert for the slightest changes. Or it could be that even the idea of it is a surprise! For some women, intuition tells them before their body ever does. However you are alerted to it, there is no doubt that if you are pregnant, things will change quite a lot in that body you know so well.

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Growing your family with a host student

host student

We thought our family had stopped growing at two kids. It seemed like the financially responsible thing to do, and my ever practical partner pointed out that we’d need a bigger car if we had any more. Two seemed like plenty in those early years, and if you had told me that one day I could say I had parented ten kids, and be willing to take on more in the future, I would have laughed. No way. Not ever. Continue reading »

Thinking creatively about parenting while ill

parenting while ill

Here in New Zealand, we prize the ability to ingeniously solve problems.  Being creative in our approach to problems is a matter of national pride.  So much so, that no.8 wire; basic farm fencing wire, has come to symbolise our fixer-upper mentality.  There is nothing a self respecting kiwi can’t jimmy back together without a bit of wire.  There are t-shirts and songs all about it.  Continue reading »

Not as we know it: Tips for parenting while ill

parenting while ill

Back when I was a classroom teacher, the ‘StarTrekkin’ song was doing the rounds.  My class did a little dance number for the end of year show.  34 little aliens and star trekkies stomping the boards.  There is a line spoken to Captain Kirk mixed into the track, from the original series.  Was it Scottie talking?  Continue reading »

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