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3 breathing techniques for teaching children mindfulness


Mindfulness and meditation has in recent years gained popularity; so much so that a school in the US replaced detention, with a mindfulness meditation programme; they’ve had remarkable results, including no expulsions since implementing the programme. Continue reading »

Quality time to gift the quality of kindness


Christmas, oh Christmas! ‘Tis the season to be jolly! To offer presents of presence, slowing down with family to create everlasting memories and connections. While ideally inspiring gifts that go beyond the glistening wrapping paper strewn on the floor. Continue reading »

Learn how to speak up for your child


As first time parents, or any time parents really, we may sometimes find ourselves sitting in front of ‘professionals’ vigorously nodding our heads in agreement with what they’re saying, when in actual fact we haven’t really got a clue what they’re on about. Continue reading »

5 small steps on a path to wellness

breakfast oat cups

We took the Nestlé Choose Wellness quiz and were a bit shocked at the results.

I thought we lived pretty well. But what we’re discovering is that living well, and wellness, are very different kettle of fish. In fact, it would be safe to say we’ve been living a little too well… Continue reading »

In search of wellness


Like most families, we’re always in search of health and wellness for ourselves and our children. Sometimes it feels like we’re searching for the holy grail though; we’re sure it’s wondrous, but we don’t really know what we’re looking for. So just what is wellness? Continue reading »

Empowering our children


When I think about keeping my children safe the first thing that comes to mind is keeping them safe from other people. But how? I can’t wrap them up in cotton wool and keep them locked at home 24/7. Continue reading »

How can I keep my children safe… from me?


I was ready to be a mother at the age of four, it was 1978. Continue reading »

Why would you use a toddler milk?


Before having children I had no idea about the plethora of products that I would end up finding useful and toddler milk falls into that category. While toddler milk isn’t an essential food, it has many benefits, not all from a nutrition perspective, that make it a welcome addition to our increasingly busy lives. Continue reading »

Helping your kids get great posture

helping your kids get great posture

How does your family move together? Is family time also TV/couch time? Did you know that there is an epidemic in our society that is causing sickness and disease? And that this epidemic is caused by poor posture and a sedentry lifestyle? The research demonstrates that 90% of the population presents with postural distortions that will negatively affect their health. Think about your child’s growing spine and how their lifestyle may be effecting their health. Continue reading »

Recipe for a healthy family

Recipe for a healthy family

“I am no supermum”. I tell myself this each day as I try to attain a happy healthy balanced life for my family and for myself.  I remind myself that I face an age where there are pressures on my family, reportedly greater than for previous generations, to be perfect not to mention healthy and happy. I frequently find myself asking what I can do to achieve a healthy balance and attain greater happiness for my family. Well, here’s my recipe for a healthy family.  Continue reading »

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