Well it’s a scary thought but Christmas is almost here. Are you ready? I’m not sure I am! Every year I tell myself that next year I’m going to be more organised with my present buying! But I’m making it easier on myself this year with these super-easy edible Christmas gift jars.

If you’re anything like me you’ll find that your list of people you need to buy presents for seems to grow each year. With end of year presents for school or kindy teachers, to family and friends, it can be a tough job not to mention an expensive one!

There’s nothing nicer, I think, than to receive a homemade present. Particularly when they’re edible and prettily packaged. The appreciation, be it a friend or teacher, is shown in the reaction and comments that they can’t help but make. Even though it’s only a small gesture – it’s a personal one, showing what I deem to be the best sentiments of the season.

Here are but a few of my all time favourite recipes that many an appreciative friend or colleague has received over the years.

I like to do a mix of savoury and sweet as I know that although my idea of a decadent chocolate brownie is pure heaven, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea!

It can be easy to rustle up an army of willing kitchen elves to join you in your work – these recipes are perfect to make with the kids, not just because small hands are notably adept at rolling, scattering and dipping, but because it teaches kids all about the gift of giving. After all that’s what Christmas is all about.

5 Easy Edible Christmas Gift Jars

1. Star cookies

christmas-cookiesPerfect for festive occasions such as Christmas, the classic sugar cookie is always a crowd pleaser. The thing I like most about these Star Cookies is that they’re super-simple to make with kids.

This version even has an easy icing option that kids can have a go with, especially if you use a squeeze bottle rather than the piping bag.

2. Spiced roast nuts

mixed roast nutsIf any of your giftees have more of a savoury tooth, then these spiced roast nuts are sure to be a hit.

They’re so incredibly easy to make, and so incredibly moreish, they’ll be gone in no time! (seriously, yo’ll want to double the quantity so you have enough to feed your little elves too).

3. Homemade muesli

homemade muesliThis is another great edible Christmas gift for those with less of a sweet tooth. It’s also perfect for friends and family that have a more healthy outlook on life. It’s such an unusual gift to receive at Christmas, which makes it perfect.

The jar makes this homemade muesli really shine, and the recipe is super-delicious. Our Miss 3 eats it faster than I can make it up!

4. Layered Chocolate Brownie

Layered chocolate brownieSuper easy but so effective I’m amazed at how much of a wow factor I get every time I give this to someone new.

You can use any jar you like or may have handy. This layered chocolate brownie is a great gift for someone that is perhaps not such a great baker but loves the end result!

5. Lemon Curd

lemon curdLemon Curd is my mum’s recipe, and she got it from her mum. I always loved it as a child. I know there’s lots of sugar in it and I know it’s not healthy but that’s exactly why I love it!

Make this up in small jars, and tie a festive ribbon to the top, and you have the easiest, and yummiest of gifts.

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