While we’ve long known about the health properties contained in omega-3s – which can help remedy an exhaustive list of conditions, from improving blood circulation and balancing mood, to reducing arthritic inflammation and protecting against heart disease – a recent study undertaken right here in New Zealand has revealed further evidence to support the use of omega-3 fatty acids in growing a healthy family.Putting essential fatty acids under the microscope, Massey University’s Institute of Food, Nutrition and Human Health’s recent clinical trial, DOMInO, has found that not only is docosahexaenoic acid (DHA – a product derived from fish oil), beneficial for women going through pregnancy, it can also have significant and ongoing benefits for their babies.

The randomised, placebo-controlled clinical trial involving 2,399 pregnant women confirmed a positive relationship between the supplementation DHA and a decrease in the risk of post-natal depression and pre-term delivery in mothers, and a reduction in developmental delays, low birth weight and allergy risks in babies.

In other words, to ensure baby gets off to a healthy start, it’s a good idea for mum to include a healthy dose of omega-3 in her pre-baby diet!

Other research undertaken by Massey University and presented at the recent Omega 3 Symposium was that led by Professsor Welma Stonehouse, which found that in addition to the developmental benefits of DHA in growing healthy babies, this essential fatty acid is also responsible for the improved memory, focus and problem-solving prowess in healthy adults.

“The cognitive functions shown to be affected by the DHA-rich fish oil, namely memory and working memory, are among the most important functions of our brains for numerous everyday activities, such as working, driving, shopping, studying and playing sports,” says Professor Stonehouse.

“Maintaining brain health and getting your brain to perform at its optimal capacity is just as vital as maintaining physical wellbeing and health,” she adds.

So how do we ensure our families are getting the omega-3 they need?

While its known that essential fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3 are vital to us, our bodies cannot actually produce these ourselves, so we rely on diet and supplementation to ensure the required intake.

Boosting the amount of oily fish in our diets is a good way of getting more omega-3, this includes fish like tuna, salmon, sardines and oysters. Another great source of omega-3 is a specially formulated fish oil supplement, such as Efamol Efamega DHA (RRP $20.40)

So whether you’re expecting a baby and want the very best start for your little one, you feel you could benefit from a sharper focus at work, or you’re just sick of your husband forgetting to pick up the milk on his way home, some high DHA fish oil could be the answer for you!

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