It’s the weekend between two long weeks of school holidays.  It might be time for dad to take the kids for a day (or part day) if mum has had them all week (or vice versa if that’s the case!)  Of course, many things that the primary caregiver might often do with the kids is something that the significant other can also do…  nonetheless here are some quick ideas for taking the kids out and giving mum a bit of a break (if you’re a single parent, hopefully you have someone you can call on to give you some time off – this list is sure to be appreciated by your willing helper!)

  • Ice cream.  Does anything get your kids into action like leaving the house for an ice cream?  You might want to head out to your local dairy, or go for a long drive and have an ice cream at the half way point.  Another idea is to send mum out and take the kids to the supermarket.  Stock up on ice cream, wafers, bananas and toppings and have a treat to remember!
  • Tour the parks – does your town or city have more than one park?  You could do a timed-session at each park for a bit of fun.  Basically drive to one park, say ‘everyone out for ten minutes only!’ and let them loose – then back into the car and off to the next one!  Pack a few snacks to keep everyone happy along the way
  • Get on your bikes and ride!
  • Look up your council website, they tend to list all of the activities on in the city – particularly by council-controlled art ga10172824_slleries, museums, libraries etc.  Utilise these already organised functions for a hassle-free fun time out
  • Most kids will happily spend some hours in the local swimming pool, likewise – put on their winter gear and head to the beach to go exploring (you might find some beach exploring ideas here)
  • Milos, a big bowl of popcorn or chips and some board games
  • Do you know some friends with a farm?  There’s a day out right there!
  • Choose and watch a movie together
  • If the weather isn’t too shoddy, try a picnic – or a hot drink in a cafe
  • For an extra special treat for mum, make her lunch or dinner to return to!
  • Crafty folks with more time on their hands might like to try a box maze.  It can get pretty elaborate!

Good on you if you’re giving your kid’s primary caregiver some time off today!  Time off is worth more than gold!

Hopefully you get heaps out of spending special time with your kids too.


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Sally is the Community Manager here at Kiwi Families. She fills her time with her handsome, busy boys and her handsome, busy husband; trying out new recipes and researching and writing about family life in Aotearoa.

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