The good people over at LunchBox Inc sent us their Bento Lunch Box – Purple Princess (Kiwi Box) to try out. This is a 6 compartment bento box that lifts out for easy cleaning. The box is made from 100% food grade safe materials, it is BPA free and dishwasher safe to 65 degrees, although hand washing is recommended.

The Purple Princess has a leak-proof silicon inner seal that seals each compartment so food will not leak between compartments. This is perfect for thicker wet foods such as yoghurt or even dipping sauces.

What I’m liking

The Purple Princess bento box is perfect for my pre-schooler. I’m able to fit one sandwich cut up into the largest compartment, and a number of chopped and diced foods into the other compartments. As Miss 3 attends a kindy that’s trying to reduce waste, the leak-proof silicon inner seals means there’s no need for wasted wrapping. Also, because the seals are so good, the food stays fresh for most of the day! Yay!

The Purple Princess is a very hardy lunch box that looks like it can take a lot of knocks. It’s all really sturdy feeling and the hinges are very good quality.

It’s a lunch box with a hinged lid, which means my little one can’t loose the lid (very important!). I also love that even though the latches are good and tough they were very easy for my 3 year old to open and close.

The other cool feature of the Purple Princess (Kiwi Box) is the funky Kiwiana design on the lift out compartment. My daughter really loved the graphics!

Anything to improve?

These lunch boxes unfortunately won’t fit a whole pottle of yogurt in them, or a whole piece of large fruit, such as an apple or nectarine. Because the inner seals are so good you can empty the yogurt straight into one of the lunch box compartments; just be sure it’s laid out flat on the table before opening!

And you can easily cut fruit into bite sized pieces. I find my little one only ever eats half an apple anyway. A handy tip for cut apples, if you squeeze a little lemon juice on them it slows down the browning process.

Overall, this is a durable lunch box that will go the distance if cared for well. The sturdiness does create extra weight, and limit the size of the box though. So I think this lunch box is better suited for kids with smaller appetites, or those like mine that like to pick and graze different foods.

Bento Lunch Box – Purple Princess (Kiwi Box) – RRP $44.99

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