It’s Dani’s first summer vacation—and the best ever! She is staying on an island with Ella, her best friend in the world. Dad is still in hospital but he calls every day, and Ella and Dani stay busy building huts, fishing, exploring, and swimming.

Then Dad turns up, but with his nurse too! This is not the visit anyone had imagined.

Life According to Dani is the fourth book in the ‘Dani’ series by Rose Lagercrantz and Illustrated by Eva Eriksson.

I’m liking

I like the Dani books. They are some of my favourites. I liked My Happy Life best because that’s when Dani meets her best friend Ella. In this book (Life According to Dani), Dani goes to stay with Ella while her father is in hospital. While Dani is staying at Ella’s house, they go swimming lots together and once Ella even took her violin into the water.

I liked that Dani gets to see her father again. It was cool to read more about Dani.

The conclusion

From Caitlin’s mum: I love the style of the Dani books – they’re gentle but also have substantial themes. They’re just perfect for reading aloud to 4-6ish year olds or for early primary school aged children who enjoy reading and are looking for something a bit more challenging than Rainbow Magic Fairies and their ilk.

These books are masterfully translated by Gecko Press founder Julia Marshall and are a fantastic example of the kind of high quality publications the good people at Gecko consistently produce.

This book was kindly provided for review purposes by the publisher.


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