Big Mamma (the smaller version of Big Daddy) is a naturally fermented bread from developed in two risings over hours that helps break down the complex carbohydrates.

This is much better for our digestion and also enhances the flavour. Because Big Mamma is certified organic, it is free from those nasty pesticides and herbicides common in nonorganic varieties.

The bread is also plastic free, wrapped using food safe paper.

What I’m Liking

We bought the Big Mamma Paper wrapped bread from the Purebread website just the other day to give it a try.

First up, what I really love about this bread is that it’s plastic free. At the moment we are trying to cut down on as much plastic wrapped products as possible. So being able to purchase a paper-wrapped pantry stable is a breath of fresh air.

Not to mention that the Big Mamma loaf was delicious. I was pleased to find that the loaf stayed fresh for a good portion of the week while we where eating it. And this meant we could still have sandwiches with it come Thursday.

Overall, the bread was delicious, the purchase and delivery went like clockwork, and our environmental footprint became lighter. We will be regular purchases of Purebread’s paper wrapped bread! I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to have a more organic and plastic free lifestyle. And for all lovers of artisan baked bread out there!

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