Pedi and Osis Nit were two head lice.  They were living in someone’s hair and having a lovely time exploring their environment.  They managed to swing into action in the cleanest hair in the class and could hardly believe their luck.

Outbreaks of Pediculosis (nits) are common in schools and require eradication treatment for each individual affected.  The process can be arduous and annoying for school age children.  It requires not only ridding the hair of the blood sucking pests but careful removal of every tiny egg!

The aim of this colourful book is to lighten up while clearing out!

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This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.


  1. I have seen positive changes in my children because of the way I now
    relate to them thanks to this books clear and accessible advice.
    With the excellent layout, easy to refer to again and again. 


    It just lightens ups the whole situtation,
    dispells some of the stereotypes about who gets nits and has a fun but
    to the point approach, i love it and think it should be read in all

  3. This story is about 2 head lice having the time of their life in 2
    children’s hair. It takes readers through the cycle from the children
    scratching and discovering the head lice to the basic and best treatment
    that their mum’s undertake to eradicate the head lice.

    It is a
    story suitable for children to read and understand what head lice are
    and how they live in hair and transfer to other’s hair. This story also
    helps to dismiss the stigma associated with head lice and educate
    children and parents on the processes involved in getting rid of the
    head lice and keeping them at bay.

    This book was read to a grade 2
    class in a State school on the Gold Coast where the prevalence of head
    lice was continuing to be a major issue.

    The teachers noted that
    the children’s responses were positive and they seemed to now understand
    why they were scratching and how the head lice move to all the kids in
    the class. The students were obviously going home and telling their
    parents due to the number of parents enquiring about the information the
    kids now knew about head lice.

    The teacher also found a major
    reduction in head lice in her class over the ensuing months meaning many
    teachers wanted to read the book to their classes as well.

    This book is not only a fun book for kids to read but its greatest asset is that it educates.

    This book can be purchased through the Co-Op Bookshop http://www.coop-bookshop.com.au (Just type in ‘Lousing’)

    Kim MacKander
    Publications & Projects Administrator
    Queensland Council of Parents and Citizens.

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