Cinderella, Royal New Zealand Ballet, 2012


I’ve seen a lot of glitter in my time, but nothing (not even reading about the 100,000+ crystals made specially by the Swarovski factory in Austria to adorn her tutu and cloak) quite prepared me for Cinderella’s tutu – sparkle plus!

We all love the Cinderella story, but if you also adore sumptuous sets, gorgeous outfits, clever and witty performances, combined with elegant and classy dancing, then this is the ballet to see, and it is a great one to take your young ballet enthusiast to see as well!

The TOWER Season of Cinderella tours to seven centres through NZ from 2 August – 9 September 2012.

I’m liking

The sets are beautifully detailed, from Cinderella’s house, to the sillouetted and fantastically back lit tree (representing Cinderella’s mother) which winds its way into the backdrop of much of the ballet.

Stunning costumes by Tracy Grant Lord, include beautiful silk moths (who dance their duets with leaps and gestures in perfect time), a brilliantly green grasshopper, an amazing pinky grey gauze skirt with an intricate rose-like bustle at the back (fairy Godmother), and Cinderella’s sparkly tutu of course!

My favorite character, and my six year old’s too, was Adriana Harper as the short (and silly) step sister. Her antics and ridiculous dancing and expressions were a comic treat. Lucy Green, as Cinderella, and Qi Huan as the Prince danced beautifully and effortlessly. The group dances during the making of Cinderella’s dress and at the ball were graceful, elegant and a joy to experience.

Things that made me go hmmmm

A few canes and bottoms ended up on the ground unexpectedly – maybe some first night jitters or a slippery stage?

The conclusion

All in all… a beautiful classic ballet, intelligently and creatively interpreted and presented, with a wonderful music score and live orchestra. So was it as good as the debut in 2007? Go and find out for yourself!

Additional Entertainment While at The Ballet
Questions to prepare for if you are taking young or first time ballet enthusiasts to the show:
The obvious one: “Are those guys wearing tights?” and the follow up…“Do they borrow them from the girls?”. And some stagecraft questions like (as the supporting characters pause while the principals dance) … “Why are they all frozen like that”…. plus some technical questions from practical thinkers…”How does she lose her slipper when it’s tied on” (try answering that!)… and finally, because the stepsisters and their cohorts are very cleverly funny…“Why are you laughing mummy?”.

We also recommend (during the two 20 minute intervals in the 2.5 hour show) a trip to the front of the Stalls to look over the edge of the musicians pit, and a trek right up to the top and back of the ‘Gods’ for the view. Enjoy!

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