Diane Levy – Time Out for tots, teens and everyone in between

TIme out for tots

Many parents have been struggling with the naughty chair, the thinking step, consequences, punishments and what their response should be to the new “anti-smacking” law change.  Well known and highly regarded family therapist and bestselling author Diane Levy provides timely and brilliantly helpful advice on how to make parents lives easier.

Time out is a vital parenting tool and in this book Diane Levy explains how best to use it in all situations for children of all ages. She believes children must be taught to experience and handle their emotions and they must learn self-discipline. Her two main parenting tenets – emotional support and limit setting – are crucial to an understanding of time out. The first responsibility of parents is to give children emotional support so that they will have the courage to have the experiences and do the learning that they need to become emotionally independent adults. The second responsibility is to set suitable boundaries and expectations so that they can safely tread the path from undisciplined babies to self-disciplined adults. Diane believes that time out is the ideal way to discipline children.

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