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HappyMoose is a new photo printing app designed to make printing from your phone a snap. The app is free to download and then you simply choose the product you want, choose the image you want to use, and place your order. Easy as that. It was also developed by some clever Kiwis and I’m always a fan of that!

I’m liking

I liked the simplicity and ease of using the HappyMoose app. It’s intuitive and so easy to follow through the steps to make an order. It took me about 2 minutes to place my first order and that included selecting the image that I wanted to use.

I ordered two products: a 20x20cm square canvas and a 20cm wall dot and I was really pleased with both products.

The canvas had good image and colour quality and seems well put constructed. The picture really does look lovely on it. I also liked the fact that it came with string attached – ready to hang. It was also well-priced – at $19.95.

The wall dots are a really fun product and they are the kind of thing that you could update regularly. The 20com wall dot that I ordered was $12.95 – but they range from $9.95 (15cm) to $29.95 (48cm). I liked the quality of the vinyl used for the dots – it was thick and heavy and was easy to place on the wall. It didn’t wrinkle and was easy to ‘unstick’ when my daughter pulled it off the wall and stuck it together 😉 It also ‘unwrinkled’ really easily. I like the idea of getting a few of these for my office way and updating them regularly. You will need a reasonably large image size to make use of the bigger dots and canvases.

I was also really impressed with the customer service – I accidentally ordered two of the same thing and I got a call to check whether this was correct (and a refund when it wasn’t).

Things that made me go hmmmm

I would have liked to have been able to use HappyMoose with cloud apps like Google Drive or Box. Many of my ‘good’ images are kept there and I regularly delete images from my phone. Enabling this kind of functionality would be an excellent additional feature for HappyMoose.

I’d also be keen to see a wider range of products but this is certainly a good start!

HappyMoose is currently only available on Apple products but don’t worry – the HappyMoose team is busy working on an Android version as well as a web site. You can like their Facebook page to get notified when they are ready.

The conclusion

I’ve enjoyed using HappyMoose and I’ll certainly be back. It’s a great little app for quickly ordering lovely photo products and it would be great for making presents for family etc. HappyMoose is easy to use and the products are well priced. Totally recommend trying it out! Check out the app here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id933583641

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