Mad Millie’s Apple Cider kit


The clever people at Mad Millie have a knack for putting together packs that make it easy to create your own food and drink. The cider kit is a new addition to the Mad Millie family and it has everything you need to make 12 x 750ml bottles of your own crisp apple cider at home.

I’m liking

It’s easy-peasy! Just follow the instructions in the booklet and you’ll have your cider! The kit contains absolutely every you will need and the instructions are easy to follow. I was really impressed at the way that all the equipment came in the kit and you can reuse everything to make more cider (or indeed beer or wine) further down the line. You can also get instructions from the online instruction video and I’d recommend this if you are new to brewing.

I particularly liked the bottles and labels that come in the pack – stylie enough to take out for visitors!

I’d have to admit that I was a bit nervous when I cracked open my first bottle but it tasted great!

The conclusion

This is a fantastic kit and if you like cider or even if you just enjoy enjoy creating your own food and drink, you’ll love this kit. This was my first shot at home brew and I’m definitely going to be trying out some of the other flavours.

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