Mountain Buggy Urban and Urban Jungle


I have been a fan of the mountain buggy since I first saw it as a teenager 18 or so years ago. Which, when I looked at the website, suggests that it was when it first came out. It was so easy to push across rugged terrain. It has come a long way since then with new added benefits, an adjustable handle, upgraded parcel tray, pop off wheels, drinks holders and other various accessories, but the ease of use and good looks remain.

I have been a nanny/maternity nurse for 18 years and whenever possible I had my employers purchase one of these if they didn’t already own one. My favourite is the Urban; it is as easy to use as an umbrella fold – I have always found that the “bulk” of it is nothing compared to the comfort of the baby, and how much shopping it can hold. I love the swivel (but lockable) wheel so that it turns on a dime and easy to manouvre in stores… I have rarely had an issue with the width of it, in fact if it didn’t fit anywhere, there was no buggy that would fit.

I love how it is just as easy to push with a 4 year old as an infant, although there is a little more effort, it doesn’t change how it functions as with smaller buggies.

Just to let you know how much I love it. I have 2 already: an urban double that has already seen two families through to school age, which is still going strong and has just had new tyres fitted. The other is an urban single – although I can’t see myself getting that one back as I have loaned it to my sister for her boys, and they love it too. That may, in fact, not be a problem for me as I am now in love with the Urban Jungle, and it is the deluxe version. I recently had one delivered to a maternity position I was in (I was SO excited!), and it was a hit all round.

I am not sure that there is another single, childless woman out there that gets as excited about buggies as I do, but for sure, there is no other buggy for me. Mountain Buggy Urban all the way.

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