Pea Pods One Size Nappy


Brand new from Pea Pods is their One Size nappy system. It’s innovative, clever and user-friendly.

I’m liking

This nappy pretty much has it all!
* There is a resizable tab in the leg, so you can fit it to the size of your baby – so if you’ve got a skinny legged older bub, you technically should still be able to get a leak-free fit in the leg.
*There is a prefold insert, with microfleece on the front fold and bamboo on the rest. The fleece is nice and soft against baby while the insert remains as absorbent as ever (Pea Pods can absorb quite a lot of moisture).
*The insert can be domed in place – so if it were just wet, you could dome in an extra insert ($11.95 each) and use the same cover.
*The insert can alternatively be used in the pocket, if you prefer a pocket nappy to a dome in (I find pockets more useful if I’m going to put the inserts in and stack up the nappies after washing, as if they are domed in they slide around a bit – however you can’t beat the ease of whipping a domed insert off and putting it in your nappy bucket for washing).
*I like the colours they come in. They’re simple but cute. The aqua blue was my test nappy and it’s lovely.

Things that made me go hmmmm

As with all cloth nappies, I have to mention the drying time as it’s important to me that I can wash for reuse every other day. This insert did dry if I had all day drying weather and could leave it on the line all day. On days when I only had a few hours with it on the line, it would still need to spend overnight on a rack to be dry (remember though, drying time is a bit of a trade off with absorbency).

The conclusion

This is a great all round nappy – a lot of thought has gone into the design and I think Pea Pods have taken several great nappy features and combined them in a nappy that should last you up until toilet training. Pea Pods One Size nappies retail for $24.95 each and night time boosters are available.

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