“Don’t stress”- haha- who even says this 4 weeks out from Christmas? Well, I’m giving the “don’t stress” idea a go – surely it seems worth a try? So , with this in mind, here’s a few promises I made to myself a couple of weeks ago-

……BUT if all this sounds a bit preachy (which I don’t intend at all!) then just jump down the page and check out the pretty Christmas baubles. They’re very blingy  (and very easy)!

So this year I promised myself:

  • To manage the “Ghost of the Perfect Christmas”. I LOVE the idea of a stress free, serene Christmas, BUT I realise that it’s just not possible! Despite how organised or disorganised I have been over various past years, I can tell something will crop up, it always does, ALWAYS!

SO- accept it- you can’t do “perfect” because life never is, AND who wants it that way anyway? Where else would our memories come from?

  • To prune my “cleaning” list: Yep- prune that baby down to the rock bottom necessities- Gone is the house “clean-a-thon” I’ve always done just before Christmas- this year, it’ll be just kitchen and “public areas”- the rest can slide a bit and be done after the holiday break.
  • To review the gift list and focus on those who need it more: As a family we decided years ago to only do gifts for kids and a fun $10 post lunch gift swop. We always do a few others as well: the angel who saves us from being smothered by mountains of ironing; the running group die-hards. No…. I’m definitely not cutting these, but I promise to remember strangers who don’t have what we have- That’s the focus this year.
  • Wrap as I go: Repeat after me: “This year I won’t be wrapping pressies at midnight on Christmas Eve!. If I need to, I’ll even put little stickers on them to remember what’s inside!” This is all I have to say on the topic.
  • To enjoy more: Again…..enough said.
  • To always remember its “never a waste of time trying to make something more beautiful”. Nothing Christmassy about that- just always worth remembering.

There’s loads more that can (and probably will) be said about surviving the Christmas season– but these are the ones that I’m working on – see, there’s a limit on how much I can focus on without stressing out.

Now to some pretty Christmas baubles:

I got the sticky rhinestones from my local craft shop and the baubles from the place where “everyone gets a bargain”! Both very inexpensive. Construction is self-explanatory!

If you want something a bit more challenging but equally blingy- check out the Bling Trees at http://www.tistheseason.co.nz/products/bling-tree-2.

Have a great Christmas everyone

Thanks for reading.

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I wife, I mum, I love Christmas, I make tassels, I cycle and run, I stitch things, I bead, I don’t clean or cook…..oh, and I’m always blown away by how clever people are! Oh yes! And I run www.tistheseason.co.nz

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