Writers: Robyn Murdoch

Robyn Murdoch

I wife, I mum, I love Christmas, I make tassels, I cycle and run, I stitch things, I bead, I don’t clean or cook…..oh, and I’m always blown away by how clever people are! Oh yes! And I run www.tistheseason.co.nz

Trying not to stress and some pretty Christmas baubles

Pretty Christmas baubles

“Don’t stress”- haha- who even says this 4 weeks out from Christmas? Well, I’m giving the “don’t stress” idea a go – surely it seems worth a try? So , with this in mind, here’s a few promises I made to myself a couple of weeks ago- Continue reading »

Make a fast rag tag Christmas garland

Make a fast rag tag Christmas garland

Make a fast rag tag Christmas garland…… and a cheat to make it even faster!
Hello again…… Continue reading »

Want a beautiful Christmas tree with minimal effort?

Christmas tree

Yes- it’s possible to have a beautiful Christmas tree with minimal effort!

Late November wouldn’t be late November if someone wasn’t trying to get you into the festive mood… and we’re no different.  Over the next three weeks we’re publishing a series of tips to help you on your merry “Christmas Decorating” way. Continue reading »

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