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First day at early childhood checklist


We’ve made an ECE first day checklist of things you may need when your child starts Early Childhood Education.Ā  Save missing something and print off our ECE First Day Checklist. Whether your child isĀ to attendĀ “pre-school”, “preschool”, “kindy”, “kindergarten” “playcentre” or some other type of ECE, here’s a generic checklist of supplies & paperwork your child may need when he or she attends ECE.

Items Required
Hat – wide brimmed or with neck flap
Change of clothes – t-shirt, pants, underpants
Nappies (if required)
Comfortable sandals / shoes that are easy to put on or take off
Bibs ā€“ check if this is a requirement at your ECE
Plastic bag for wet or dirty clothes
Notes: During the summer months sending your child to ECE in a rash shirt is a great idea.Ā  They dry quickly and make water play much easier to deal with.
Back pack (small)
Lunch box
Drink bottle
Enrolment form
Proof of age and citizenship (birth certificate or passport)
Immunisation certificates (in Plunket / Well Child book)
Doctor’s Contact Details and Child’s Medical Information (allergies, medications etc)
Legal Documents relevant to your child (particularly regarding custody and access issues)
Your Contact Details during the day (and a second, back-up contact if possible)
Cuddly – if your child has something he/she is attached to then it pays to send this along to ECE. It makes anxious moments and bedtimes much easier to deal with (check if your ECE allows Cuddlies)
Your own sunscreen if your child has sensitive skin
Is your child tidy and healthy? – do they need a visit to the doctor or the hairdresser / barber for a haircut

For more information on labelling school gear read Back to School – Labelling

For more information on ECE read ECE – Overview

For further information on choices surrounding immunisation, where to go and what to expect visit our Kiwi Families section on Immunisation

Kylie Valentine

Kylie Valentine is a qualified secondary school teacher, trained journalist, and the mum of two fabulous children.

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