Free online pregnancy test

We keep getting asked to provide a free online pregnancy test for our members.¬† Whilst we can’t produce a virtual reality one quite yet, we have put together a free online pregnancy quiz of 12 questions which should give you a pretty good idea of whether or not you are pregnant.

This quiz is useful for women who are asking themselves questions like:

  • My period is late – am I pregnant?
  • I had a negative pregnancy test result – but could I still be pregnant?
  • I think I might be pregnant – should I buy a pregnancy test kit?
  • I think I’m pregnant – what shall I do?

Online Pregnancy Quiz

Read through the following pregnancy signs and symptoms, taking note of those which apply to you. You might like to print out this page and then place a tick in the relevant boxes.

Tick Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms
Is your period late or overdue? If you are usually regular in your menstrual cycle and you find that your period has not come on time, you may be pregnant. Sometimes your period can be late due to stress or illness Рbut the later your period is, the more likely you are to be pregnant (i.e. if you have completely missed your period as it is now 4 or 5 weeks late, then you are more likely to be pregnant).
Are your breasts sore? For many women the first sign of pregnancy is breasts that are sore, tingling, tender or uncomfortable.  Your breasts can also start to increase in size very quickly, so that your bras start feeling tight.
Do you feel nauseous?¬†Many women suffer terribly from nausea or vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy.¬† The term “morning sickness’ is not strictly accurate, as some women feel sick in the afternoon, or the evening, or all day! This symptom may vary in severity from slight nausea to non-stop vomiting.
Are your nipples changing colour? As well as sore breasts, you may find that your aereola Рthe area around your nipples Рbegins to darken in colour, and may increase in size.
Do you have a funny taste in your mouth? Some women complain that when they are pregnant they have a funny or strange taste in their mouth. This is sometimes described as a metallic taste and can make food or drinks that you previously liked taste unpleasant.  For example, many women cannot tolerate the taste of coffee or wine when they are pregnant.
Do you crave strange foods?¬†For some women being pregnant brings with it some unusual food cravings – perhaps for foods they don’t usually like.¬† Some common examples of pregnancy cravings are ice cream, pickles or gherkins, bananas or chocolate…or even all of the above combined!
Do some odours make you feel ill? If you are already feeling nauseous, you may find that there are some smells that will make you feel even worse!  Some common examples include cigarette smoke, car exhaust fumes, raw meat at the butchers, coffee, fatty cooking smells, some perfumes or cleaning products.
Do you have a congested feeling in your pelvis? Some women find they have a congested feeling in their uterus (womb) or lower part of their tummy.  This can be a very confusing symptom, as it can feel very much like premenstrual bloating.
Do you have spotting or bleeding?¬†This symptom can be really confusing, as it can appear as if your period has started.¬† Some women experience spotting or light bleeding in early pregnancy that can look like a period, but isn’t.
Do you have to keep peeing? Many women find they need to pass urine frequently. They find that they are going to the toilet a lot more Рwhich can be particularly annoying at night!
Do you feel really tired all the time? It is common to feel very tired during the first trimester (first 12 weeks) of your pregnancy.  Many women need to go to bed early, find themselves yawning a lot, and take an afternoon nap whenever they can get one!
Are your clothes getting tight?¬†If you are more than “a little bit pregnant” – i.e. perhaps 10 to12 weeks or more, then you may find that the waistline on your skirts and trousers is getting tight.

Your Free Online Pregnancy Test Results

Count up the number of ticks you made to get an indication of whether or not you may be pregnant.

0 ticks It is unlikely (but not impossible) that you are pregnant
1 – 3 ticks You may be pregnant
4 – 6 ticks It is highly likely that you are pregnant
7 – 12 ticks It is almost certain that you are pregnant

What should I do?

Depending on the results of this quiz and your individual circumstances, you may now choose one or more of the following options:

  • Do nothing (i.e. wait and see what happens in the next few days).
  • Go and buy a pregnancy testing kit to get a definite answer.
  • Visit a health professional such as a midwife, GP or the Family Planning Association for a test and advice on choosing a Lead Maternity Carer (LMC) for your pregnancy.
  • Talk to friends and family, if this is appropriate, or
  • Find someone independent you can talk to if you feel that you need advice or support – see the website links below.
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Kiwi Families articles that might help

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Useful Websites
The Family Planning Association of New Zealand provides pregnancy testing services at reduced rates.  They also provide advice and counselling for pregnancy related questions and issues.
Pregnancy Help supports the wellbeing of pregnant women, new mothers and their families, with care, concern and confidentiality. Pregnancy Help also offers free pregnancy tests in selected areas.

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Paula Skelton

Paula Skelton is a qualified NZ nurse and midwife, a midwifery & childbirth educator and the mum of three lovely girls.

Please note that Kiwi Families is not intended to replace individualised, specialist advice that you receive from your doctor and other health professionals.
  • Little_cheeky_khmer_gurl

    Hello I am now just turn 19 and I had missed 1month 2week then 2 week later I had spotting and little bleeding that I could actually wearing a linker pad I tried so many pregnancy test so I went online and had a search and I found you guy if you could give me a pregnancy test again it’s messing my mine thanks I just wanna get this sort out before going any further.

    • Rochelle Gribble

      Hi Little_cheeky_khmer_gurl,

      The best thing to do is go to your doctor or local Family Planning clinic and they will do a proper pregnancy test- that’s the best way to know for certain.¬†

      Kind regards, 


    • Lake

      what are you doing having unprotected sex at 19????? take birth control pills and stop having sex

      • Shay

        The girl is 19 not 13 n ur response was ignorant n rude. If u arent a damn doctor or her mother then u need to shut the hell up. The girl asked for advice not for you to be a bitch.

  • shop online shopping mall

    Thanks for sharing this useful information!
    Hope that you will continue with the kind of stuff you are doing.

  • Kayla

    Hi, im on quasence which is a generic for seasonale(a three month birth control). I had sex on june 12, 2012 and my period july 11,2012(which was the day it was suppose to start). My period was normal even though it was my firdt period after starting quasence(i started taking quasence in late april) and I did have the normal first three month spotting. Its now mid august and im not due to have another period until october, but I am having some lower back pain and stomach cramps. When I had sex in june, we didnt use a condom but we did pull out. I never miss a pill but dont always take them at the exact same time each day. I know I also have ovarian cysts. So am I pregnant or am I having pain from my cysts. Please help

    • Rochelle Gribble

      Hi Kayla,

      It’s impossible for me to be able to tell – the best thing to do would be to take a pregnancy test. You could either get one from your local pharmacy or see your doctor or local family planning clinic.

      Good luck!


  • nicole

    hi my name is nicole and i was just wondering if having sore ribs is a sign of pregnancy

    • Rochelle Gribble

      Hi Nicole,

      Pregnancy can do strange things to you! The best idea is to take a pregnancy test :)



  • laura tina

    hey my names laura and i have sore legs and sore thighs and back my legs get sore when i am walking and sitting down all day i always want to go toilet and never want to have any thing but sweet staff and crave for food all the time

  • Shriya

    hi.. my name is Shriya… my period is delayed by 4 days now and i had intercourse with my husband thro out the ovulation time . im trying to get consive.. can i check home pregnancy now or wait for few more days … can anybody help me please…

    • Rochelle Gribble

      Hi Shriya,

      Generally, pregnancy tests recommend that you wait for at least 4 days after your period is due in order to be effective…
      Hope that helps!


      • shriya

        today morning i did home pregnancy test with clear blue and it showed a light vertical line in it… does it mean im pregnant ??

        • Rochelle Gribble

          Hi Shriya,

          Different kits have different markers- you’re best to read the instructions on the box :)

          Good luck!


        • EMT LADY

          It should be on the box!:-)

  • Louise

    Can drinking alot of water immediatly before taking a pregnancy test affect the outcome? Im 25 years old and already have 2 children. I’ve answered yes to 6-7 of the questions above and my last period was 10th september, Yet i took a pregnancy test yesterday but it came back negative?

    • Rochelle Gribble

      Hi Louise,

      It is possible to get a false negative on pregnancy tests, however, it may also be a bit early yet, depending on the length of your cycle. If you still think you may be pregnant, wait a few days and try another test or try going to your GP or Family Planning Clinic.

      Good luck!


  • shruti

    hi i am 21… i am one week late for my periods. is it possible to get pregnant without intercourse? does touching of genitals cause pregnancy as well? i am really worried…please help me out

    • Rochelle Gribble

      Hi Shruti,

      It’s very, very difficult to become pregnant without having intercourse, however, it’s theoretically possible if sperm has been transmitted. If your period still hasn’t come, it’s probably best to take a pregnancy test to put your mind at ease. You can get these from your local pharmacy.



  • kdle

    hi im 18 years old my peroid is late by 2 months, my tits hurt and i do feel different but my partner and i have been trying for awhile is it possiable that its just in my head

    • Rochelle @ Kiwi Families

      Hi Kdle,

      If your period is 2 months late, there’s a reasonable chance that you are pregnant ;) However, the best thing to do is take a pregnancy test to be sure.

      Good luck with this :)


  • Smitherz_Nikkie

    Hi. My name is Nikkie and Im 20 years old. When i was 15 i lost an ovary due to a tumor. i only have one ovary left and it has PCOS on it. I went into pre metopause due to this and it was reversed with medications. I was on birth control until March 2012 but I have not been taking it since then due to no medical insurance. Since i only have one ovary i know im suppose to menstrate only every other month but when i stoped birth control in March I never got my peroid and havent since. I previously have had some signs of pregnancy but every time i go in and get tested they say they are negative. I recently had intercorse about a month ago and Im feeling very strange. I have bloating that just start a few weeks ago, breast are sore and im feeling sick all day long. i also have heartburn so bad i cant sleep. Even with my condition is it possible i am pregnant?

    • Rochelle Gribble

      Hi Smitherz_Nikkie,

      Well, as I am sure you are aware, the odds are not wonderful but anything is possible! I’d suggest you take a pregnancy test and see what it tells you :)

      Kind regards,


      • Smitherz_Nikkie

        Thank you! and i did take one and it came out negative but was very faint. im going to take another one in a few days and see what it says!

        • Rochelle Gribble

          Good luck!

    • vick

      I saw my period 27th of December and made on the 12th of January will I get pregnant

  • scared

    Hi there my 17 yr old has all the symptoms of being pregnant but she has had negitive urine an blood test but still feels pregnant an has only had her 2nd depo shot could she be pregnant, an answered yes to 11 questions on pregnancy test?? please help?

    • Rochelle Gribble

      Hi Scared,

      If she has had a negative blood and urine test it’s unlikely but not impossible! The best thing to do is go and see your GP or Family Planning Clinic and they can do another test for you and check your daughter at the same time.

      Good luck!


  • kaylovessailors

    Hi i’m 15 almost 1 month away from being 16. I’ve been having quite a lot of symptoms. This wouldn’t be the first ”pregnancy scare”, I’ve taken pregnancy tests the other times and also had symptoms before but when i take pregnancy tests they say negative. I don’t know what to do..

    • Rochelle Gribble

      Hi Kaylovessailors,

      If you’re still concerned, the best thing to do is see your local doctor or Family Planning clinic. They’ll be able to tell you for sure :)

      Good luck,


      • kaylovessailors

        I haven’t gotten my period and i’m so worried. i had to go to a psychiatrist and i got on anti-depressants so i’m afraid that even if i am pregnant the baby wouldn’t be alive. i’m just so scared and need help

        • Rochelle Gribble

          Hi again,

          You really need to go to your doctor and have a chat about this :)

          Good luck!


  • worry wart

    hi there was just wandering with the jab can you not have your period at all i’ve been on the injection before and my period’s have been light i then had a baby who is nearly 2 years of age prior to being on the jab i was on the pill but was finding it to remember taking it so now i’m on the injection and this is the second jab that i’ve had but i’m yet to have my period could i be pregnart

    • Rochelle Gribble

      Hi Worry Wart,

      Yes – it’s quite possible for people not to get their period when they are on injections such as Depo Provera. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re not pregnant ;) The best thing to do is to take a pregnancy test and see your doctor if you are concerned.

      Good luck!


  • sania_ahmed

    Hello i am 20 yrs old. I had sex (no protection) with my boy friend at nov 29, my period date was Nov 30. Today is Dec 1 but still i miss my period. I am so worried, please advice me what to do now?

    • Rochelle Gribble

      Hi Sania,

      Given the timing, it’s not that likely but anything is possible!! Your best bet is to take a pregnancy test in a few days. You’d also be best to use protection in the future if you are concerned about getting pregnant :)


    • Lake

      go to the doctor, ask for birth control pills or some sort of injection to prevent pregnancy

    • Angie

      Go to walmart and buy a .88 test check before you go to the doctor.

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    hi im 16. i dont want to be pregnant but i am. i took two different tests and they both were extremely light (almost not there) but positive. and i have 13 days till my period should i wait till i take another test to find out? also for people who believe in this. i tried some tourror cards*maybe not spelled right* and 5-7 times it came out talking about a baby or a new 3rd party or something along the lines then i tried the pendent and it came out yes yes yes then i asked am i not pregnant ha no… so i was just wondering what do you guys think

    • Rochelle Gribble

      Hi there,

      Did you get your period last month? If so, it’s fairly unlikely that you’ll be able to tell if you are pregnant yet – you really need to wait until your period is due. However, as Ghost has said above, your local Family Planning Clinic can give you lots of great support. You can find out more about them here:

    • EMT LADY

      The lines on a pregnancy when they are faint like that it means u are pregnant u should take one more test to be sure:-)

  • Ghost

    Look in your local phone book for the Family Planning Clinic. They can help and give you support. Your doctor can also help with the number. Don’t try and deal with this on your own.

  • Helpme!

    Hi there, um me and my boyfriend had sex on the 2nd December with out protection but he said he didn’t release any in me, but do i still have a chance of getting pregnant?

  • Confused

    Hi I’m 18 years old and I have been having regular unprotected sex all month starting from the 8th of December my monthly was due early yesterday morning the 4th of January and still hasn’t come I answered yes to a lot of the questions do you think I could be pregnant the test I took came up negative Tia

    • Rochelle @ Kiwi Families

      Hi Confused,

      It’s not unusual for your period to be a bit early or late but if you have been having unprotected sex then yes, it’s possible that you are pregnant. Generally pregnancy tests are not very reliable until a few days after your period if due is it’s probably best to take another test.

      Kind regards,


  • jenny

    i had my periods on 12th january it lasted till 18th then i had unprotected sex i had an i pill but on 23rd january i again had my periods please i am tensed help me” i am 19years old

    • Rochelle Gribble

      Hi Jenny,

      Being on a contraceptive pill can make your periods irregular but if you are concerned, you’d be best to talk to you GP.

      Kind regards,


  • jenny

    i had my periods on 12th january it lasted till 18th then i had unprotected sex i had an i pill but on 23rd january i again had my periods please i am tensed help me”

  • Kacti

    I’m 22, married, and not really TTC nor avoiding pregnancy. My husband and I usually use the withdrawal method (we are both aware that this is not effective, but as I said we are not avoiding). My LMP was Jan 7, we were intimate everyday from Jan 19-Jan 26 (we did a LOVE WEEK challenge, where you make love every day for a week, that’s how I remember)….and I have never in my life been more than a week late. Now it’s March 19. I have sore boobs (with dark blue veins, and little white bumps on my nipple, but no liquid), frequent urination (never had to get up in the middle of the night to go, until a few weeks ago), I have slight cramps, and a little queasiness, but I’ve taken about 20 HPTs, and all of them were negative. I took 1 blood test, also negative. I have read several stories online of women who never produced HCG, some showed up late anywhere from 8-20 weeks, and some never showed positive except on an u/s throughout the entire pregnancy. I believe 100% that’s what I have going on. I think I’m pregnant, but not producing HCG. I have an appt scheduled on April 5, hopefully I will get a good solid answer then (via u/s). I guess my question is… have you ever heard of this?

    • disqus_Vbxvwec7qK

      My husband and I are experiencing the same thing.
      LMP Jan 16, now Mach 25. All of the same symptoms. abuot 15 hpts and 2 beta hCG tests and all neg. UGH! I see the ob/gyn April 1st.
      I would like to keep up with you on this. Can you email me at

  • Emily Heath-davis

    i have a question what is the first sighn of pregancy. see i havent had my peroid it has never been late my breast are very sore and growing.

  • Lizz

    Well. I have 8 of these symptoms. I took one of those HPTs that are 88cents. It was negative. I took it because I’ve been feeling nauseous and vomited a couple days ago. The day after the test I start spotting. Still am. So either it’s my period coming back from not having it for two years. I don’t know. This is annoying.

  • kiara

    hello! i had sex on 23rd august. had periods every
    month but was very irregular (like 10 days late sometimes). period in
    march was different and lasted 4 days. periods this month (april) is
    very light which is unusual for me. i am having bloated stomach . also
    am constipated and feel dizzy. i am having a visible pulse below my rib
    cage. can it be the baby??!!! is there still a chance that i am
    pregnant? i have done pregnancy test last week but it came negative. can
    it be because of a low hormone level that it came negative?

  • curious girl19

    i am a 19 year old female, i had unprotected sex in dec and them missed my menstrual cycle in dec, jan and feb i then had a 4 day period in march and now i am 6 days late on my period, i feel all the normal signs of having my period such as backache and tummy cramps however no blood. my skin has broken out over the past 5 months, however i dont think i am showing, because i am slightly over weight for my age, i am very moody at times, and often get very upset over something very small, i don’t get nauseous often but do find myself feeling sick at unexpected times of the day/could i be pregnant?

    • Honeyluv

      It is a chance you could be but best advice is take a test and/or visit your doctor. Not judging you, I’m 31. 19 is a young age to be having a baby. A baby is a BIG responsibility. So seriously think about this before trying to conceive because after will be to late. You have your whole life ahead of you……..


    i normally have a very heavy period, but this time its very light almost not there, and its has been 7 days now, my breasts are really tender, and i have a heavy feeling on the bottom of my tummy, i am 31 and have had 2 kids i have never had this before so im so confused, and it alays feel kike i have to burp, slight nausia feeling…

  • Olgalynnlia

    Hello I’m 21 years old my husband and I really would love to start planning to have kids my periods were always irregular since I was on pill & depo it’s been over year already i haven’t taken it its about to be 2. well I had my period on may 21-29 technically 30 I stopped spotting and my husband I had sex on that day is there chance I could be pregnant ?

  • jessica

    Hello, I have a question about pregnancy. I recently lost my virginity this May 26th about two or three days after finishing my period. I was not thinking and we did not use protection. (Im sorry for all the information) he came three or four times inside of me. I have already taked two pregnancy tests and they are both negative, but then again it hasnt even been a week. However, my nipples were sore this morning…and I have small breasts I dont ever have to worry about sore breasts even on my period. I was wondering if you could tell me when I should take the pregnancy test again to know for sure. the last time we had sex was two days ago. My period also lasts from 6-7 days and from what I hear women that have long periods are more likely to be more fertile. Is that right? Aside from that, is it also normal for itchiness to occur?

  • deepu

    hi…. last month i got date on 12th june… i met with my husband on 6th july…. i took 72 hour precaution tablet on 9th july… on 12th july i observed that i got menses… but its just seen…. not normally bleeding… why its going to happen? cant i get normal bleeding?

  • neesha

    Hi I’m 24 years old married women. actually my periods 14 may and again 10june till 3july and gain this month my period 27 July. i am very worried about this problem. I have no kids in 3 years married life. i was pregnant 1 time but i am use pill. but recent i have kids i am so sad please help me.

    • om

      call me dear 09924163601 nw

  • lrkc123

    I missed my period for 1 week and 1 day for now. I’m not feeling well, I didn’t have sex or had a sexual interactions with a guy. I’m dizzy, I’m so worried about me and I’m crying. It could be stress? Please answer me, I’m just 15 years old

    • Rochelle Gribble

      Hi there,

      If you’ve not had sex, it’s *extremely* unlikely that you are pregnant :) Perhaps you could go to your doctor for a check up?

      Good luck,


  • ankita

    what to do if my periods dates are on 13 ,14 aug i had sex with my bf one week before….he did not spilld inside but i am scared.can u suggest some thing to have my periods early for my satisfaction?

  • little tiger

    I got 7 of them and they say almost certain does that mean I am?

  • Rina

    Hi I just want to know if I’m pregnant.. I was on mirena for the last 18 mth.. l just take it out on 8/10/13 two days later I’m having my period for 5 days. Then I have sex on 16/10/13 with out using any protection with my boyfriend.. now I’m feeling nausea and my breast sore and tender.. could it means I’m pregnant?

    • Rochelle Gribble

      Hi Rina,

      It’s really impossible for me to tell. You’ll need to take a pregnancy test :)

  • Ane

    Hi, am 24 yrs and in september i took an contraceptive injection, but didnt take it in October or November, I had my period in october but it was light and spotty. In November am 7 days late and am very worried. I took a pregnancy test 4 days after a missed period and i tested negative. My period still hasnt come. should i be worried that i might be pregnant?

  • mary101

    hi there I had my period for 1 day now ive got a realy sore nipple can you help me out

  • violet lau

    The last time I had sex was Oct 1 i normally get my period on the 11 i got it 3days late of October its November 14 I have not got my cycle and my boyfriend has morning sickness I took a pregnancy at home kit on the 12 of November it came out negative could I be pregnant

  • cheyenne

    hi im 19 and i had a heavy period but it was normal 3-4 day like normal but now i stopped and then started spotting what does that mean please some one help i need advice

  • katpamrivera

    Hi :)
    Im Kat 22 and married , the first day of my last period was Oct 19 of this year and I missed my period in Nov…. I took a HPT Dec 2nd and one of the test came out positive and then an hour later I take a 2nd HPT just to make sure that I am and I think I put to much urine on the pee stick and is came out neg…..the next day after work around 5:30pm I went to the lab and handed my urine and the next day the results came out to be negative. Its December 5th and I still haven’t gotten my period…. I have been feeling nausea, tired breast hurt a bit, cramping a little like as if I will get my period very soon….. I talked to a doctor and she said that I could’ve been pregnant but that it didn’t go all the way that it was suppose to she said if I don’t get my period in a week that I should get a blood test to make sure….. I hate not knowing so any advice ? and if I am im gonna be very happy :) if Im not then a baby will come when it wants to come :)
    Have a good day!!! Hope to hear from you guys soon !!

    • Rochelle Gribble

      Good luck Kat! I hope you get a positive result :)

    • The Reader

      I would advise you to check out

  • nenna

    hey there i wanto no it the second time i sceepted my birth control pill i sceep yesterday and last week manday and me and my husband had sex and to day i feel sore and i have cramps and stuf please help me

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  • Nina

    Hi I am 25 years of age, and I have missed my period for over a month and just 2 days ago I started bleeding. The weird thing is im not bleeding heavily as usual. It started off as light pink bleeding for one day and today is the 3 day its gone a little dark in color.
    Can anyone give me some suggestions or idea……..?????

    • The Reader

      Go to, it will help your worries.

  • erica

    I am 23 u have unprotected sex with my fianc√© I haven’t had a period going on three months and I’ve took a pregnant time and it was neg. What else could this mean

    • maria

      Hi Eric,
      You could be pregnant, tests are not always accurate. A blood test is accurate and at 3 months an ultrasounds would show the feotus if you are pregnant. Also stress and age are factors affecting womans menstral cycle, good luck.

  • sweetkiss23

    Hi, January 1st i had a two day period then on the 26th i had a regular 3 day period. February i didn’t get one and now its march and i got my period in the 1st it only lasted two days what’s going on

  • jessi

    I am 20 and my last period was around the 27th of January and its now march 4 and I haven’t had my period yet. I had unprotected sex and my nipples hurt so bad and ive had bad cramping for a week but no blood or period. I also get nausea here and there. Could I be pregnant and is it to early for a pregnancy test

    • Maria

      Hello Jessi,
      You probably received many answers by now, however I would like to say that anyone who has SEX full stop can get pregnant. Please tell your friends. Even people that take the pill, use a condomn, withdraw prior to orgasm, or using rythim/cycle and even if you get your tubes tied you can still get pregnant (even though it is rare, it is still possible. Other sypmptums could be for other reasons, being pregnant and something else may be going on, please go see your Doctor. Good Luck

  • louise

    I have a question.. i had my period about 4 days ago and it has started again already!! why is it doing this? very annoying?!?!

    • The Reader

      Any change in diet, ..I would advise you to check out. …it may very well save your life.

  • Jay_jay

    Hi i am 20 years old and have a 2 year old, i found out i was 9 weeks pregnant again in Nov but unfortunately miscarried around 6 weeks ago but i am still getting all the side effects of being pregnant (the vomiting, smells making me nauseous, no period, needing to pee all the time etc..) I went to my dr as i was worried they had made a mistake but he wouldn’t listen to me just told me it was my emotions… Im just wondering if anyone has experienced this before?

    • The Reader

      I would advise you to visit, free doctors that will answer all your questions. Sometimes it can be all in your head, but if these symptoms persist, talk to the doctors on here, and get a new ob-gyn.

  • lisapghpa

    I am 40 I had my tubes clamped 18 yrs ago I am 8 days late no period last month it was normal period… im hopn I am prego I miss having a little baby around…

  • deep

    i had an unprotected sex on the 3 & 4th day of periods. on 12th day now am feeling as if am pregnant should i make a home test to check weather am pregnant or not

  • jasmina colaco

    Hello im jasmina colaco 22yrs old married. I got my periods last month on 23rd nd my hubby waz not der buh he return on 9 of dis we hd unprotected now im havng vomitting nd nausea.feel like eatng buh cnt eat.does it mean im pregnant

    • joan

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  • Briony

    I was due to have my depo jab in january 2014 (this year) but i never had it due to me and my boyfriend wanted to try for a baby. It is only march could i already be pregnant even though i have not had a period after coming off the depo jab?

  • Rose Marylove

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  • priya

    hey,my age is 21 yrs i had physical with my boyfriend on 18 march(no protection). n my period date was 19/march. today is 28th march,perfect 10 days still not became..m tense help m,e out

    • The Reader

      I would suggest go to ..Healthtap, it’s a very clinical websites with thousands of free doctors at your disposal.

  • Jaelynn Christine Hoggard

    Hello I am 12 going to be 13 on Oct. 2nd.2014, and I had my period on the 3rd of march 2014 and it lasted till the 15th of march, and I have to go pee more than normal for me. I missed my 3 past periods before this one, I am more sleepy, I get more headaches, and feel dizzier than normal. I feel bloated, and always feel like I’m on my period. I haven’t had sex, but I have a boyfriend, and he dumped me twice already. I am more emotional than ever! I took a pregnancy quiz online, and it said more than likely I’m pregnant. I have 5 younger siblings. I don’t know how to tell my step mom & parents if I’m pregnant. Can yall help me? I have been craving lots of foods lately & I have been eating more than I normally do!

    • The Reader

      Jaelynn, you can’t possibly be pregnant if you’ve never had sex. Sometimes stressing about your missed period , delays it. Have you changed anything in your eating habits lately. I think you are stress eating. Plus you’re a teenage, so you are growing. I would advise though telling your step-mom and having her take you to your doctor, it’s not normal and it could be something far more serious than pregnancy

  • memzo

    Hi am 22 years old I saw my period last month but I didnot see it dis month yet and the last time I have sex was in febuary

  • mary

    Hey I had sex april 5th & my period was supposed to come on april 13.but im three days late . Am I pregnant?

  • Susie

    Hi my name is Susie n I’m 26 yrs old live in el paso on march I didn’t gt my period till lates April 4th n were now in may 16th n haven’t gotten it,will I gt it maybe on he 28th of this month.. am I pregnant.

  • Ero Lovespell

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  • Lidia Mckinney

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  • April Wood

    I need some help…OK…I’m 25 and married…my husband and I have been ttc for about 6 months now…I just had laproscopy surgery on my ovaries about 5 weeks ago…I have pcos and I don’t ovulate like I should well I started my period 4/20/14-4/30/14 then by my calendar I suppose ovulate the 1-5 of may since may 9the I have been nauseated having heart burn headaches…everything I experienced with my daughter…well I started spotting on the 9th also and it lasted for 10 days and I was suppose to start my period on the 19 but didn’t I have taken tests they are all negative but my body is telling me I’m pregnant…then today I have very very light red spotting….I’m confused and my mom said I justwant to be so bad that my body is tricking me but I’m constantly nauseated and having heart burn and my boobs are sore I’m tired all the time….HELP ME!!!!

  • gina

    hello im 30 on may1st i went to the restroom an saw lit pink blood but didnt she my cycle like it use to come on i had a regular cycle in april found out on may31 i was pergant i dont know far i am can some one help me to know how many weeks i amr

    • Rochelle Gribble

      Hi Gina,

      You’ll need to visit your GP or local family planning clinic about this. Good luck!

    • COCO

      do you remember when the start date of you last menstrual was?

  • cassi_troy

    Hi my name is cassi. I am 21 and have a 7 month old. I am 20 days late and having pains everyday and all 4 tests that I have taken say negative but I’m having a lot of signs that I had with my first pregnancy minus the pain. What should I do? What does it mean?

    • Rochelle Gribble

      Hi Cassi,

      It’s really impossible for us to say but if you’re concerned, we’d recommend visiting your GP or Family Planning clinic.

  • Fidelia

    Hi, I saw my period last month 15 and after that I have been having sex with my husband and this morning which is ,12 I saw another menstruation is it possible that am not pregnant

  • yvonne

    Hello im 20 n I had unprotected sex on the 8th n my period was supposed to com on the 10 it is now the 19th still no period my bak in numb n I got a bad toast in my mouth I just saw light period signs today. Blood test was negative n one early morning home test was positive. Can I be prego??

  • Alex

    Hi I am only 15 and I had unprotected sex on the 7th of june and I never started on my period on the 12,I just been having a lot of headaches and my boobs has change color,Can anyone tell me if I could be pregnant? please…

  • erm

    I’m 15 and I had unprotected sex yesterday morning and I have really bad stomach pains today and my stomach is rumbling and make weird noises and I am so tired, I cant take a test if my family fount out I’d be in so much trouble, what do i do?am i pregnant?

  • Ashely

    I had sex April 3. for 30 second without a condom, then April 21, I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. then April 22, I started my normal period. May 21, I started my normal period. & in June I started the 29. so could I still be pregnant?

  • Jude

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  • Kristyn Stanco

    I’ve had merana for three years I’ve always spotted or nothing at all now for a month my boons hurt I’M bleeding heavy it stropped after three weeks now starting again …boons never stopped hurting still hurting now…..back hurts very bad hungry dizzy……emotional…..hips hurts LOWER stomache hurts…took pregnancy test said negative should o be worried something is wrong or pregnant?

    • Kristyn Stanco


  • dannyelle

    hello, I am extremely stressed! I am 17 and I recently lost my virginity. my period was scheduled to come that following week but it just never came… I am now 28 days late. I have taken 2 pregnancy tests in that time and both of them were negative. out of the 3 times we only used protection twice, and the third he never got to “finish” since I was not comfortable without a condom… Also, my periods have NEVER been on schedule, but since I have had sex i’m very concerned. help please…

  • sam

    I am 16, I had sex it didn’t go full in but the condom came off, it had cum inside it, I had my period the next day but I haven’t had one for 2 months and I tick 6 of the boxes, could I be pregnant and what do I do?

  • mika

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  • Ann Marie

    hi i am Ann Marie
    i have a realy sore tummy and it hurts from friday night my mouth is always dry and teast funny is there any chance i could be pregnent i am moody a lot as well

  • Christina

    My fertility days were July 9-14, 2014. I had unported sex on those day. My period isn’t suppose to start until July 26th,2014 however today July 16, 2014 I have started spotting and cramping. Is it my period and does it mean I am not pregnant? Is it too early to take a pregnancy test? Help??

  • james

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  • ashlee07

    hi I need help I has sex 4th june got my period on 7th june (1 guy) been having sex with (gy2) for over 5 years did a test on june 28 it was negative that was about 2 weeks after sex with (guy1) but have been I having sex with (guy2) everyday then did 2nd test on july 10 and I found out I was pregnant who is the father guy 1 or 2 please help

  • Jewel

    I’m 32 years old I had sex withdrawal last June 8 and I had my period June 15 til 18 normal flow then June 22 I had spotting and according to the symptoms like tummy pains and my lower back pain they told me UTI that’s almost 3 days spotting while taking herbal medicine for UTI stop my spotting but I’m worried till now I didn’t had my period it’s already July 21, 6 days delayed am i pregnant or what

  • MrzRaw

    Ok so in June I had 2 periods the first started on June 5th and lasted 4 days. Then the second came on June 23rd and lasted 7 days. My husband and I have had unprotected sex several times after that. Now it’s July 29th I started spotting yesterday which was the 28th I spotted all day yesterday but today its extremely heavy. Is this normal?

  • james

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  • jgarcia

    Last month my period was suppose to arrive on july 12/ or 15th, it arrived 9 days earlier followed with cramping and bleeding only 2 days, then a mucus brick red discharge. Now it is August 3rd I am bleeding still with a mucus-y discharge and I should have my period August 12/ or 15th. What could this be?

  • Garcia

    I have been having wat I thought is my period on n off for 2 weeks now it comes n hose then I spot n now I’m having this burning n my stomach

    • jess

      My period came early, I was supposed to be pregnant. And my period way early. Am I pregnant

  • Natalie Sanchez

    Hi I’m 19 and me and my fiance are trying to get pregnant. We had unprotected sex the last day of my period. He came inside about four times.can I be pregnant?

  • ash

    My period is 10 days late, I took a at home test and it was negative. I have had a lot of gas and stool passing, afternoon nausea not puking, pain radiating in my back to my hips. Could I possibly be pregnant?

  • Eden

    hello, odd question. i had my period may 26 2014 for my normal time period. my periods are messed up but i never got a period again for june spotted from july 15 to the 18. i did three tests after my spotting and all three wheere faint but positive…is this normal???

  • sarika

    Hi I am 32 years mother of one. I am expecting my period in next two to three days but last two days I am feeling to much dizziness and tried. Still I eat lots of food but no effect. Will it be a sign of pregnancy?

  • lisa

    hi i am 24 with 2 kids and me and my baabyfather had sex on august 1st-16th and my period was suppose to come on on the 7th i have not seen it yet is there a chance i might be pregnant

  • Ashwinta S. Singh

    Last month I had my period 19th July
    After that I had sex with my boyfriend once…this month am I pregnant

  • jessica everly

    I had sex and we used protection only when he pulled it out the condom was gone i pulled it out, but i started my period today but its 4 days early and since my first period i have never started early,my breast are really sore,im wanting pineapples all the time, certian smells makes me want to throw up, i pee a whole lot more, but my period is here

  • Rishika

    Hello, I am a 19 year old girl. My period is 4 days late. I know I am not pregnant because I last had sex on 17th July after which I had my regular periods on 19th July. Now, I have white mucus like discharge when I touch my vagina and I am also having mood swings like I usually do during my periods. I am really stressed over it. Please help!

  • ashlei barrett

    Hi I’m ashlei im 21 I’m have a lot of the pregnancy symptoms like nauseous all the time breast r sore peeing like crazy a lot of smells are getting to me and I get headaches all the time I cramp at different times everyday but all tests r negative. WHat should I do??

  • iceblue

    I all ready had my period but I fell like vomiting and I feel tired around 12 in the afternoon could I be pregnant I really want to be please help me.

  • blueeyes86

    Hey I am 28 years old I had my period on the 13th of this month. I have been feeling sick to my stomach and I have been feel very tired lately I had sex on the 20th and the 25th of this month so could I be pregnant or is there something else wrong please help me thanks

  • shweta

    Hello i m just confused coz i m worried weather i ll be pregnant or not coz me n my would be had sex many times with out protection but i never got pregnant tats y i m so worried can ny one help me wat sud i do ?

  • Woman issues

    Hi there An 23 I need help :( I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend end of July all 2weeks! But than my period is normally on the. 8-10 every month it’s the same but in august it came on the 14-16 short it was first brown than very light pink really week than heavy on the 3rd day. I have been feeling nussia sore nipples I hate the smell of smoke ! And raw meat very moody almost angry. Most days! I gained so much weight took like 5 home tests all negative

    • Woman issues

      My tummy is bloated

  • Alea

    I’m 18 years of age, and I have an irregular period. I had unprotected sex about a month ago, and I’ve been having symptoms of being pregnant. Am I? Or am I just psyching myself out, and faking the symptoms?

  • redpurple1

    I had sex end of may. Protected but i was drunk so im not.sure if.he.took the.condom off or.if it broke. He said.he never came. I had my period beginning/middle of.may. I preg tested at doctors end of.june. it came up neg. I.had a weird.short period. I preg july and it came up neg & i had a period. I had a period in august. But.i.have white.discharge. and sometimes brown when u wipe. I sometimes feel.nauseous. could i be pregnant?

  • Annie

    Hi..Im 28 and had unprotected sex and he ejaculated inside last month and got my periods next day but still I took an ipill..this month my periods delayed by four I pregnant?..plz help

  • Sexy mum a

    Having sex that close to your period being due is unlikely that your pregnant.also having sex that close to your period being due sometimes delays your period.u shouldnt have anything to worry about :) hope that helps

  • Danny G

    I had my period almost two weeks ago me and my boyfriend had sex everyday after my period unprotected using the pull out method and sometimes when I smell certain foods I feel sick and I been having period like cramps in my lower part of my stomach all today and around 10pm yesterday …. What should. I do

  • Tynicka Scott

    Hi I’m A 20 Yr Old Women && I Havnt had my period in a month & don’t know why, 2 years ago I was pregnant & was 5 months pregnant & had a miscarriage & the doctor suggest that I get on the depo shot which is a birth control shot that helps you not get pregnant but anyways she suggest that I get on it so my body can heal up in the inside so it won’t happen again in I got on it & my period been very strange sometimes I have periods and sometimes I go w/o for months & that was the 1st time I ever got on the shot and I only took it one time, but anyways I’ve been having unprotected sex Witt my boyfriend & I havnt been on my period since July of 2014 and I’ve been feeling sick in the stomach latel y & wen I go to work & wen I smell certain foods I feel ill & sometimes get this awful taste in my mouth wen I drink or eat something sometimes I don’t have to do that just to get the taste & I’m peeing a lot Witt cramps in my stomach I just need to know what’s going on Witt me cause I’m kind of worried

  • Judith

    Hi, I’m 43 and had my tubes tied in 2009. I’m 25 days late since the start of my last period. I’m tire,d nauseous, light headed, slight cramping and my hips tend to hurt at times. I haven’t really noticed any difference in my breast but they usually start bothering me when I was ending my 1st trimester with my other four children. I took a home pregnancy test it was negative. Could I be pregnant.

  • brittaney

    I havent had a period in two years I got some random light spotting four weeks after sex then heavier spotting a week later now im having a full blown period what could this be please help

  • dolores

    Hello i had intercourse on August 7 since then i got my period was regular i thought only it was different brown then dark red like burgundy its normal never like that its regular red i only had it till August 18 then this month i just spotted on September 1 wented a way then on 14 of September i bleeding a little not a lot like when you first come on a period went a way same day could i be pregnant question

  • karen dannelly

    Me an my husband have been trying to conceive our third child for about 5 months after having a miscarriage in May. For the past few weeks ive been really tired, emotional, moody, cramps in my legs, bloated. My period isnt exspected for a few more days but was wondering what my chances could be for being pregnant??

  • Chinwendu Obioha

    I love all your comment it really help me I thank u all

  • juicyhublip

    im 21 missed my depo shot 2 months straight I finally just received it but than had sex 3 days after with my boyfriend can I be pregnant?? please help

  • krysi

    Hi guys im 25 years old and my period is 13 days late ive taken 4 pregnancy test 3 home and one at planned parent hood all came out negative .. i have a lil bit of white discharge coming out of my breast . And vaginal white discharge . I get naseouse everyonce in a while my breast have changed color and i noticed mood swings and headaches but nothing to seriouse . Im worried on what is going on with my body if im pregnant or not. 4 negative test any suggestions ????

  • Momma Mia

    Hi I’m 24 , married and I already have two kids . My first day of my last menstruation is august 31 and today is October 2 I am 4days late. Could I be pregnant? Thanks for the response in advance and God bless .

  • coco1989

    Hello I’m 25 i was wondering I’m 4 months and 23 days late on my depo shots and had sex twice yesterday night will i be pregnant

  • ana

    I am 18 years old and had unprotected sex yesterday, i.e., 3rd october’14 around 12:30 pm, my last period cycle was around 21st september’2014 after 11 hours i took i-pill but i am worried too as my ovulation date is near so please tell me that, is there any chances of getting pregnant ? please reply.

  • BrittanyyNicolee

    Hi everybody I’m 17 , &ndd I have a 17 month old daughter &ndd today she came up to me &ndd layed her head on my stomach &ndd kissed my stomach ,
    Could this mean I might be pregnant ??
    She has never did that before &ndd it just tripped me out because last month I had a period for only 4 days &ndd it stopped I was suppoes to go the whole 7 days ,
    &ndd I still have not started my period this month I was supposed to start on the 4th of this month ,

  • Amber ledesma

    I am 15 and I’m craving peanut butter and crackers could I be pregnant???

  • sweet dee

    Hello,my last period is 10 of August and did not have contact with my husband until 31 of i am pregnant,i just want to ask if i got pregnant at the 1st week of September and how many weeks my pregnancy if possible?thanks a lot.

  • Kiara

    Hey I usely come on my period on the 17th but last month I came on on the 10th.. Now it’s the next following month the 13th n I haven’t came on yet.. It is possible that I’ll come on on the 17ththis month

  • Amy

    Hi im 12 years old and i think i may be pregnant but i dont remeber having sex which sounds strange but i am having all those symptoms so im kinda freaking out what should i do im only 12

  • Joy S-C.

    I’m 21 years old and I’ve been having “morning sickness” for a month. I missed my period on Oct 8th it didn’t come til Oct 14th for 2 days… I don’t quit understand. I’ve never missed a period. Should I wait for my next period again to be for sure if I’m pregnant?

    PS: we are trying.

  • Minerva Gomez

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  • Same

    Hi i am 29 yes old…last month my period come sept 18 then this month it comes 23 then just only a spotting till today for the fifthday its just only brown color..i take HPT 3times and it comes all it possible i still pregnant??thanks..

  • alma

    Hi my name is alma
    on September the 13 i got a negative then one week later on the 20 i got a positive then on the 21 i had an vaginal ultrasound done and there was no baby . they told me that maybe im to early . what do you think? im worried

    • Tajuanna Griggs

      Hi alma. That happen to me 2 yrs ago. I took a home pregnancy test in December 2011 came back positive went to the doctor n January 2012 they did an vaginal ultrasound they didn’t see a baby went back 3 weeks later n my baby was there now he is 2 yrs old.

  • Justine

    Hi! I’m 19 turning to 20 this coming November, 29. SAme as them, i had sex (No protection). My last Menstruation was Sept. 15-22, i missed my period for 13 days. Is it probably that im pregnant? But i dont feel any Spotting and others early signs.

  • fatty

    Hi, my first day of menses is 1 day of the month, I had unprotected contact with my hubby on 8th day. Now I am 3 days delayed. Is it possible I am pregnant?

  • tiffany_love

    so I had my cycle on sept.25-30 and I started spotting a week before my next cycle was due which was oct.13 for a bout 5 days it was brown and sometimes light pink I wore a pant liner so when oct.22 came there was no cycle and now nov.3rd and there is still no cycle could I be pregnant

  • tiffany_love

    ive also gained put on a lil weigh and ive been eating a lot n it was ways feels like im hungry im using the bathroom a lil more then normal an I feel like im going to vomit at times but I dnt light back pain and my head hurts somtimes my boobs itches off and on I really need some advice has anyone ever been threw this an wasn’t pregnant .. maybe it could all be in my head begin as though I want a child so badly

  • jen

    hi everyone… i have one kid already and i get pregnant the last time and i have d&c and now im 8 weeks still no period and this is never happen to me… im doing home pt test,urine test in laboratory and today im doing a blood test also its all come back negative it is really confusing that i don’t think this is not just stress?? hehe i have stress too before but it always give me a answer when it come’s to this… next week i will discuss and talk to my pcm about this still not having period and hopr they do scan or ultrasound i don’t like to be really confusing to myself… is not helping me at all… cross my finger i if they told me something … i think i am just gonna wait… and i hope that this it is… we are hoping to get pregnant again… anybody experience this too? thank u in advance? please advice me ….?

  • Sevda Gulea

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