Party games for teenagers

Finding suitable games for a teenage birthday party can be tricky, but we have some great party games that even your teenager will enjoy.

There’s a fine line between organising some fun games for your teenager’s party, and embarrassing the heck out of them. The problem is – you’ll have no idea where that line is drawn! For the most part, it’s a good idea to let your teenager organise the party on their own, or with teen friends, (with strict guidelines of course), and when it comes to the games, your teenager will definitely want to be the host. The last thing a 13 or 14 year old wants is Mum or Dad clapping their hands and getting everybody into a circle.

With that in mind, here are some great indoor party games that you may want to suggest to your teen. They’ll be able to adapt them to suit their friends, and maybe even change the name so it sounds like their idea. Here goes…

Balloon Dare

Write out a dare for every guest at the party, and slip each one into a balloon before blowing it up and tying the knot. One at a time, the guests choose a balloon and pop it to find the dare. Your guests then have to do the dare, or suffer the consequences.

Dares don’t have to be embarrassing, instead they could be more of a challenge (think Fear Factor or Treasure Island). Maybe they have to eat something out-of-the-ordinary like baby squid, or perhaps they need to complete a physical task. Check out our Fear Factor article for more ideas.

Consequences shouldn’t be embarrassing either, but rather something grossly fun. Maybe they have to eat a plate of custard with no hands, or agree to have the birthday child paint their face. Remember consequences shouldn’t be threatening or humiliating.

When preparing this game, you may want to talk to your teen about what dares are appropriate, and have the final say as to what goes in the balloon. You will also need to agree on a consequence that is safe and appropriate in your home. Good luck!

Truth, Truth, Lie

When your guests arrive, give them each a card to write down three facts about themselves. Two of the things must be true, and one of them must be a lie. When everyone has arrived, have each guest read out their facts, and everybody else must try to work out the lie. The person who guesses the most ‘lies’ correctly – wins!

Name that Song

Get a selection of DVDs together and have your guests try to guess each song, by only playing a few seconds of music. You could play the first few beats, or to make it even harder, record a small snippet from the middle of each song.


This is a great game for a party with both boys and girls, and works best with lots of guests. If your teen is still in the early stages of ‘liking boys’ (or girls), then this game can be lots of fun.

Set up a circle of chairs, and have all the girls take a seat. The boys then take their place standing behind a girl of their choice, with one boy standing behind an empty chair. The boy with an empty chair winks at a girl, who then jumps up to take the empty spot. If the boy behind her tags her shoulders before she gets away, she must stay seated. If she makes it out of the chair, the game continues with a new winker.

How you play this game will depend on the number of girls vs. boys at the party. If the numbers aren’t even, make sure you jumble it up so there is more than one same-sex pair to begin with. Having a mixture of pairs will stop any teasing that may occur.

Wink Murder

Have all the guests close their eyes, and choose one guest to be the murderer by tapping them on the shoulder. All the other guests are detectives. When everyone opens their eyes, the murderer must start ‘killing’ off the detectives by winking at them one by one. If a guest is winked at, they need to die – very dramatically – so everyone knows they have been killed.

If a guest thinks s/he can solve the mystery (i.e. who the murderer is), s/he  can shout out their name. If they are right, they win the game, but if they are wrong, they have to die. If the murderer manages to kill everybody without being found out, the murderer wins.

Nail Polish Spin the Bottle

At the risk of sounding politically incorrect, this is a game for girls.

Have your guests sit in a circle, and place several different nail polishes around the inside. The birthday girl starts by spinning a soft drink bottle in the middle of the circle, and then painting one fingernail with whichever polish it ends up pointing at. The guests then take turns spinning the bottle, and painting one finger nail in the chosen colour. The game continues until everybody has all 10 nails painted in different polish.

T-Shirt Keepsake

Teenagers like the idea of having a keepsake, especially one they can show off. Purchase a plain coloured T-Shirt, and a few tubes of fabric paint. As each guest arrives get them to sign their name, write a message, or draw a picture for the birthday child. If your child doesn’t want a T-shirt, you could use a pillowcase or cushion cover instead.

Fabric paints are available from good craft stores for approximately $4 per tube. Look for brands that do not need specialist setting, but instead simply dry by themselves or can be heat-set using an iron or hair dryer.

Remember your teenager may not want any sort of games at their party, and instead choose to just ‘hang out’. This is fine if there are only 2 or 3 friends invited, but if there’s more than that, cliques can start to form without planned entertainment. Girls can be particularly vicious, and the party can literally end in tears.

If your teens are really anti-games, why not take them out for an activity instead. For some great ideas on where to go, check out ‘Teenage Parties’ (coming soon) in our Birthday Themes section.

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  • Trustbritty

    great ideas!

    • Rochelle Gribble

      Glad you like them!!! 

  • Yamaha375

    Really cool ideas Thanks ! the girls loved them

    • Rochelle Gribble

      Oh great!!! So glad everyone had fun ;) 


  • nicole


  • holly

    they sound okay but not really adult like games because i wouldn’t really want my parents looking and watching over everything im doing with my friends mates (kiss spin truth or dare are good games that i would eccomend as a teen) and it just makes it more fun with embarrasing truths because it gives you a challange ;)

  • dooms day party planer !!!

    thanks alot

  • hs

    With school shootings, I’d like to see the “murder” game replaced by “zap” or “splat”. Just a thought.

    • Guest

      your suggestion is a fucking bad idea seriously “zap” and “splat” this is what it makes it interesting you motherfucker

    • Name

      I don’t think it matters because it’s not literally. duhhh

  • poooki


  • poooki

    I like

  • Disappointed Birthday Girl

    these games are better for like 8 year olds i turned twelve and they were too kiddish for my friends

    • emmily

      i’m turning 18, I think there awesome!!!!

    • ericdaemonic

      lol im having a co ed sleepover and im turning 16 and all my friends find them amazingly fun!

    • tomung

      really, im 14 and i play some of these games the whole class enjoys and joins in, might also be because of the fact we have an awsome teacher, other games may be like space jump when you start acting one thing and a diffrent person jumps in when the scenarios getting old with a new scenario with the current positions, eg motor bikes to old people walking.


      Umm.. Excuse me but I’m turning 13 and these games are AMAZING!!!!

    • ImpalaBaby

      Maybe they’re not fun because you aren’t a teenager. You’re barely twelve. Lol i’m 15 and these are ridiculously fun!

      • Whovian

        You are soooo right.I’m 13 and i think they are soooo FUN!!!!!

      • angie


  • scooby

    i love the wink murder game. My friends loved it!!!

  • the commenter

    worst party ever

  • Silvers Sweetie

    Me and my friends loved these games! Thanx for the ideas! :)) ^^

  • megan

    thank you this will relley help organize my birthday party as i will be 13 on the 5 of august

  • GodRocks

    I will be turning 13 at the end of November and these games look fun to me. I think my friend would like them as well. I have one pretty crazy one, than another that is a little bit girly, the other well she’s just weird, but that’s what make her fun. I am inviting one other we used to be great friends and we would hang out a lot but then she just kind of drifted off and now hangs out with her school friends. She is really nice though and I still invite her to all my parties, but this is the first one I have had in awhile with her coming, and I don’t know what games she likes or if she would like these ones. I don’t think she’s girly, but I wanna make sure all my friends have fun. Any advice?

  • bella

    idk what to do for my 13th party because my friends are coming over and they are all girls but i want to invite my boyfriend but i am afraid he might feel uncomfortable because there is a bunch of girls and if i invite his friend he probably wont talk to me the only boy that will also be there is my nephew. Please help what should i do?

    • Jesus

      What the shit you have a boyfriend omfg that is so disgusting your parents should be ashamed of you you cunt

    • brianna

      hey bella

    • Megan

      You should invite all of your girlfriends boyfriends as well and make it a bit like a mini prom

  • Dissapointed with the options

    These are good for children younger a teenager would definatly NOT want t-shirt with weird paint every where that looks bad

  • Dissapointed with the options

    nevermind they are cool

  • Birthday Girl

    Great Games

  • ThisIsSoCool

    This article is simply amazing! im turning 13 and these games are exactly what i was looking for! theyre not too kiddish or not too grow up! thank you


    I am turning 14 and these games r wayy to kiddish for me…

  • im 13

    These are good ideas!

  • Whovian

    My favorit thing out of this entire artical is the keepsake tshirt

  • Whovian

    i’m adding on to my last comment. for my keepsake tshirt i’m going to have all my friends sign the back and use fabric marker on front to put the age i am turing. :)

    • Rochelle Gribble

      Sounds like a great idea! Hope you have fun :)

  • uhfcnsdjal

    going o 14, and a lot of these are actually fun. not sure about the overprotective parent stuff lol, but I like how there not to raunchy but not babyish. They are perfect for when you have boys and girls.

  • Lindsey

    I’m turning 13 and these are really cool. My favorites are the balloon dare and name the song.

  • Bubbles25

    I’m having a party these sound epic

  • denisha

    Ill make sure ill do this

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