Writers: Emma Mildon

Emma Mildon

Emma Mildon is an author and columnist who specialises in adoption, foster, orphans and inspiration. Yes…they are all linked and Emma writes about them all on her website - www.emmamildon.com

Yoga for play for children

yoga for children

Got a fidgit? A wiggler? A busy bee who cannot sit still? I am sure you have tried every which way to tire them out…But have you tried to unwind them? While many parents try to empty their children’s energy stocks, they don’t realise that it may be equally beneficial for a child is to help them relax and settle. How about Yoga as play for children?  Continue reading »



Every family has a few skeletons in a closet and adoption has long been a history of silence for many women and families in New Zealand affected by the adoption of a child. Continue reading »

Poster boys and girls of broken families….

Poster boys and girls of broken families

Baby boomers had Superman and Batman; kids today have Spiderman and Harry Potter, fictional characters who have been inspiring children through comics and film for years. And they’re inspiring because they come from broken families. Continue reading »

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