I didn’t have a baby shower with either of my pregnancies.  It just wasn’t really something that was done back then.  But boy things have really changed in the past 8 to 10 years.  Baby showers nowadays are much more common place and are often just as elaborate as any other special celebration.

Here’s a really pretty baby pink example of what I mean:


Of course you can go a lot simpler than this, and often the most important thing is getting together with your close friends and family and just sharing in the excitement of the impending birth!

I’ve been asked to create a few baby shower invites lately.  Most aren’t overly baby themed, one had a photo from the baby scan and another was in a High Tea / Garden Party theme with lots of lovely pastel colours.  Baby showers don’t need to be full of baby graphics if you don’t want them to be, you can easily go for a more grown up, elegant style which works equally as well.

Here are a few ideas which might inspire you when it comes time for your family or friends to organise your baby shower.

This super cute fruit platter from Design to Shine is a neat idea – healthy too!


And if you’re looking for a great cookie recipe, MarthaStewart.com has the recipe for these adorable “One-Piece Cookies”.  Yum!


You can never go wrong with cupcakes, they suit every occasion.  This baby shower celebration featured on Catchmyparty.com is fantastic.  A lot of time and effort has gone into putting this together and it just goes to prove what you can achieve at home with a bit of planning and preparation.

And of course there are games to be played!  If you fancy playing a few games at your shower, then have a look at this link for some ideas to get you started:



See you next time, Nicky x

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Nicky Attridge is a busy wife and mum to two girls aged almost 9 and 10. She works part time and is also the creator and owner of the Chic Party Boutique and Inviting Designs. Nicky loves all things “party” and spends many an hour creating new designs and searching the internet to keep up with the latest happenings in party styling, particularly in the US. Nicky is very much looking forward to sharing some of her ideas and special party styling finds with you all. Nicky loves honing her graphic design skills and is always looking for something new to add to her designs.

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