School holidays are over but there are still those days where it seems that nothing is going to go your way. These stress balls will have you chilled out in no time and so easy to make with at home materials. The kids will love to help with decorating them and/or you could make them as a gift to another ‘stressed out’ parent 🙂

Materials (for one stress ball):

2 x balloons

Flour (roughly 1/3 – 1/2C)




1. Stretch out balloon by pulling it in different directions – this allows more flour to be poured in

2. Put the balloon onto the end of a small funnel

3. Slowly pour the flour into the funnel so it pours into the balloon.

4. Tap/shake/wriggle the side of the funnel and the balloon until the it is filled up to the neck with flour

5.Carefully take the balloon off the funnel and tie a knot in the neck so all the flour is packed in tight.



6. Cut the neck off another balloon and stretch over the balloon with flour in it. Make sure the tied knot goes into the second balloon first so that the knot is completely covered in case there was a spill.

7. All done!! You can decorate with pens/vivid or even add some woollen hair







If you’re looking for other stress-relieving crafts, check out how to make your own heat pack.

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Emma Ranson is a stay-at-home mum to two beautiful girls- Grace and Sienna. She followed her heart to Hamilton and loves hanging out with her family- including her Australian Terrier Cross dog, Ruby. Emma is a whizz at all things crafty and loves the challenge of creating something new.

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Maria Breker

I am making one for my mom!

Rochelle Gribble

Hi Maria – we’d love to see a picture!


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