These are a great idea to make for Mother’s Day but may be suited for the older children or will need some assistance from a parent. They look amazing and mum will LOVE them 🙂






Coloured Paper

Plain and Zigzag scissors


Small item to act as



Cake skewer or pen




Measure out and cut your coloured card into 10cm x 10cm squares. You will need 5 of these per flower.


Fold your square in half and half again to form a small square. Open up to the first fold.

Fold each corner on the folded edge up on the centre line. Creating two small triangles on each side making one larger triangle.

Turn triangle around so the side with no folding is facing you, with the point at the top. Grab one side of the triangle at a time and fold towards the centre line again. Once both sides are done you will have the shape of a diamond.

Fold this diamond in half ( bring the sides you just folded facing each other) – this will leave you with a “half diamond” shape.

There will be a small triangle shape at the top of this which is made up of only a couple pieces of the coloured paper. Cut this off with your zigzag scissors, or you could make a zigzag with normal scissors.

With what is left you will have a ‘scalene’ triangle. With the tip of this pointing down, you will need to make an incision in the paper half way down from the top and follow this up the side to cut off the folds. Do this exactly the same of the other side always keeping the tip down towards the floor. Once this is done make a cut down the middle also about half way down to create two ‘fingers’

Open out carefully, and you will have a circle shape with lots of finger like edges. This is one flower piece. Do the same steps as above for the remaining 4 pieces of coloured card.

STEP 3: Pierce a small hole in the middle of these flowers with a cake skewer or pen. So you need an   item that you wish to use for your flower ‘stigma’ or centre of flower – make sure this is larger than the wholes you have made on the flower pieces.

This ‘stigma’ needs to be secured with tape to one end of your wire. Make sure they are attached together firmly, then thread the opposing end of wire through the holes in your flower pieces one at a time. Once each is threaded on, grip your hand around the flower pieces and just slightly squeeze so they all group together a bit better.

So the flower is now complete, now we need to work on the stem.  On the underside of the flower, place a small amount of glue and this is your starting point. Wrap some green coloured paper on a diagonal around and around the wire. Once you get to the bottom secure with a bit more glue and wrap any remaining wire up and around the stem

Flower and stem complete!! Looks great in a normal flower vase or tied up in some cellophane and ribbon 🙂

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Emma Ranson is a stay-at-home mum to two beautiful girls- Grace and Sienna. She followed her heart to Hamilton and loves hanging out with her family- including her Australian Terrier Cross dog, Ruby. Emma is a whizz at all things crafty and loves the challenge of creating something new.

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