The lovely people over at Bento Ninja sent us the Ultimate Ninja pack lunch box to review.

The Ultimate Ninja pack comes with the Bento Ninja lunchbox system, 1 large snack and dip, 1 mini snack and dip, a stainless steel rectangular container, a stainless steel spork, 1 silicon star cup and 1 silicon rectangular tray!

This really is the ultimate lunchbox system, with everything you need to organise lunches (yours and your kids).

What I’m liking

I love all the little containers that can be used in this bento ninja lunchbox system. They make my job super-easy when it comes to adding chopped up fruit, popcorn, seeds, nuts, raisins, etc into my kid’s lunchboxes.

I found the mini snack and dip container to be great for my youngest child, as he loves dipping carrots and chips into hummus. And, although you can’t fit a whole pottle of yogurt into the box, you can pour it into the larger stainless steel rectangular container.

My 4 year old finds the clasps easy to undo which is always a must. My 2 year old is still getting the hang of them (although it does come in handy that he can’t undo them at this age!)

Unlike some of the other bento boxes around, I like how you can fit a whole sandwich in this one. This means my little girl won’t grow out of it by the time she starts school and is eating larger quantities of food.

I also like that it’s dishwasher safe and they offer a 1 year warranty for any manufacturer defects, plus they’ll repair any broken clip parts.

I really think is a great offer. My last lunch box, which was certainly not cheap, didn’t even last a year before the hinges just snapped right off! After sales service definitely gives me assurance here.

Bento Ninja-Ultimate lunchbox

Anything to improve

You can’t fit a whole, large, apple in this lunchbox, which is often a bugbear for me, because my kids won’t eat apples that have gone a little brown.

I should also mention that the price point is on the high side. But if this lunchbox does last the distance, being used for more than a few years, and they’re happy to replace any broken clips, this will end up being a great investment.


Overall this seems like a fantastic lunch box system. You can even buy decals to customise it for your kids! Highly recommended. Bento Ninja Lunchbox – Ultimate Ninja Pack – RRP $54.95

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