Pack your on-the-go favourites for school, work, play, and travel, and this bento system will ensure that all your meals are fresh and tasty when mealtime rolls around. Fun, flexible, and affordable. No squishing here! If you like bento boxes, the Bentology Laptop Lunchbox is worth checking out.

I’m liking

I really like the flexibility of this box. It comes with 5 containers and is also separated into two compartments (one main one and one thin one) so that you can mix and match the kinds of food you put in. This means that this box works well for sammies as well as more bento-styled lunches. I really liked that some of the containers had leakproof lids that that you can include a whole range of different types of foods.

The box that I tried was opaque, which I found useful, as I could see what was in the box; however it also comes in several other funky colours.

This box is a good size and would work well for school children or children with a larger appetite. There are plenty of options for including different kinds of foods and it would easily fit a smaller piece of fruit or a chopped apple / banana / orange.

I have a wee obsession with lunchbox covers and the covers that you can buy for these boxes are gorgeous. They’re bought separately, but my experience is that covers are well worth the spend as they protect the boxes and also act as a cooler for lunches. The Bentology carriers also fit a small drink bottle and have a pocket for ice packs (RRP $34.95).

The boxes also come with a 1 year warranty so you have great piece of mind about their quality.

Things that made me go hmmmm

If you’ve read any of my other reviews, you’ll know that I’m hesitant about hinged boxes. This one is looking good so far but time will tell! The upside of hinged boxes is that they’re good for little people, who can lose separate lids.

A tip from Justyne, who runs The Creative Lunchbox and sells the Bentology Laptop: sometimes the latch can take a couple of tries for small fingers. You just need to practice pushing the latch inwards with them and all will be well.

The little boxes can take some practice to get in the correct place – make sure you pay attention to the best configuration so that the box closes correctly.

The conclusion

The Bentology Laptop – Set of six is available from The Creative Lunchbox and retails for $34.95. It’s a reasonably priced, thoughtfully developed lunchbox that would work for lots of different family members – I took my lunch in it this week!

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