Do you prefer parenting advice to be brief and to-the-point?

Do you find comfort in other parent’s struggles?

Do you enjoy reading about the funny, quirky things that children do?

Do you or did you ever struggle with parenting?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, you will find much to enjoy in Diane Levy’s latest book.  Following on from her bestselling parental lifesaver ‘Of course I love you … Now Go To Your Room’ here she presents some of her favourite articles on parenting.  Some of the articles are about her pesonal parenting struggles and delights.  Some are succinct, easy-to-read advice columns.  All of them are written with warmth, wit and wisdom.


This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.


  1. I think all parents should read this book. I was always put off by the
    title and thought it was about teaching your child early – like baby

  2. Robynsnest Reply

    I have been bitten by the Diane Levy book bug. This was another of her
    books that I have seen in the local bookshop. I can’t afford it at the
    moment but will be having a look at the library this coming week. 

  3. Lisagordon Reply

    Bible for those who which to survive of the years of challenges thrown
    at you, as a parent, by your child/ren. Written by a New Zealander for
    the New Zealand environment/culture. It is a witty, educational,
    entertaining book, without the preaching or making you feel like a
    failing bad parent! Lots of achievable, practical advice. A great gift
    for any new (or old) parent!

  4. This book presents a modern approach to parenting. Diane Levy believes
    children must be taught to experience and handle their emotions and they
    must learn self-discipline. It takes about twenty years to raise a

  5. i was given this book and i liked the magazine articles that i could just read in a few minutes. 

  6. This one of my favorite books. I love the way that Diane Levy writes in a
    warm, humourous style that is entertaing to read and yet you pick up
    little tips and lessons along the way. I would highly recommend this

  7. I thoroughly enjoy this book. I raced through it and was eager to share
    my learning with those around me. A fantastic book especially for
    first-time parents like me.

  8. Mandykelly Reply

    This is a great book to grab when you have to odd moments peace. It
    always makes me smile and I even remember bits and pieces later. Well
    worth a read!

  9. Claudiacoles Reply

    I was bought this a few years ago. I loved the magazine type articles
    that could be read in the few minutes we have spare between chores. Its
    hard to find an article for a specific question though.

  10. I grabbed this book off my wife’s bedstand one night when I didn’t have
    anything else to read. At first I thought it would be a bit “girly” but
    it soon had me laughing out loud. Diane Levy has a good sense of
    humour, and manages to teach you things without ramming them down your
    throat. This is a fun book to read – especially if you’ve got

  11. This is one of my favorite books. I love the way that Diane Levy writes
    in a warm, humourous style that is entertaing to read and yet you pick
    up little tips and lessons along the way. This book is perfect to have
    by your bedside table, and you can just read one short, funny article /
    chapter at a time. Just the right length for an exhausted mum to
    digest! You’re also left with the feeling – “my kids are actually
    normal – other parents face just the same challenges!”. I would highly
    recommend this book.

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