We all know that old saying ‘you are what you eat’, but if you’re newly pregnant or wanting to fall pregnant, nutrition becomes even more important, both for yourself and your baby. Here, at last, is an essential guide to eating well – for both your baby and you – from preconception to pregnancy and beyond. Divided chronologically into pre-conception, first, second and third trimesters and post-partum/breast feeding, Feeding the Bump provides you with all the information you need about your own and your unborn child’s nutritional requirements and the best way to fulfil them. It’s packed with useful information and nutrition tips, including tried and true remedies for common complaints such as morning sickness and heartburn, along with over 100 easy to follow and absolutely delicious recipes. This is a must-have resource for all women wanting to maximise their unborn child’s health, and their own, through what they eat.

Recommendation: this is an excellent book that we sure wish had been around when we were pregnant, as three pregnancies in three years probably left everyone a bit depleted.  Buy this book and aim for optimum health for you and your baby.


This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team.

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