I’m Liking:

How quick and easy it is to put on. I have it in organic denim and love it! It is for front and back use. It has an insert for a newborn, but I was carrying my 9lb nephew around today and he was just hanging out sitting relaxed but upright, side on to me. It is a flexible carrier for babies and toddlers of all ages. I have used it as a back pack for longer trips with an 18 month old before and it is super. I actually just heard today that a 5 year old was carried in it when he broke his foot, and he was not too heavy. So it is nice and strong. You can get a back pack that clips onto it as well for baby bits. It has a pocket (for the hood that supports a toddlers sleeping head) but you could throw in the car keys and your purse – no phones though, they don’t belong next to your baby. Machine washable.

Things that make me go hmmm:

It can be a bit stiff to start with, but using it and washing it will soften the fibres nicely. It is a little more bulky than other carriers, and I am not 100% confident about the security of a little baby in the cradle position if you wanted to carry on with your day – dishwasher, hoovering, making a bed etc… Baby can’t be worn facing outwards – this is not a bad thing though.

Extra for experts:

How can I be tactful with this one? Um, if you are a bigger bodied baby wearer, the way that Ergo suggest you can wear your infant tummy to tummy just is not going to be ok. Their little legs cannot splay too far out, so you are left with baby’s legs all tucked into the carrier – not sure I would be happy with this.

The conclusion:

I would highly recommend this carrier for bigger babies through to toddlers. It really has a long lifespan of use, and is built to take it. It is lightweight and easy to use and comfortable to carry a child in. Perfect for in the house, parks or out and about, shopping or airline travel for years to come (as you usually have to carry your child from the plane to the baggage carousel).

About the Ergo Baby Carrier

In The ERGO, the baby sits in a pouch created by the body of the carrier.

The ergonomic design supports a correct sitting position for baby’s physical development and eliminates compression on baby’s spine.

The ERGO’s wide shoulder straps and waist belt distribute baby’s weight evenly, alleviating physical strain for parents. Baby’s weight is drawn in towards parent’s centre of gravity, making the baby feel lighter.

The price of the Ergo is $199 (plus $55 for the infant insert)

(This information was provided by the manufacturers).


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