Over the holiday period we got the chance to try out the Get Real Food Free Range Chicken Smugglers, as well as the Get Real Food Tomato and BBQ Sauce range.

Our Miss 3 is a huge fan of the humble chicken nibble, so we were really excited to find a New Zealand company specialising in a healthier and more environmentally-friendly version. 

Chicken nuggets are such a great, and versatile, option for busy parents. They take no time at all to cook, and you can dress them up and down to suit the situation. Either serve them up with fries for a classic, fast-food, option, or serve them with your child’s favourite vegetables, for a super-quick meat and veg meal.

What I’m liking

The Get Real Food Chicken Smugglers are a real guilt-free option for parents. The secret ingredient is cauliflower! Each nugget is made from 50% free range chicken, and 30% cauliflower. It’s such a good idea, especially for fussy eaters you might be finding it hard to get veggies into.

The other great thing about the Chicken Smugglers is that they’re covered in panko breadcrumbs and sesame seeds. This gives them a good, crispy crunch that some other chicken nugget brands are sorely lacking.

The Tomato and BBQ sauces make the perfect dipping sauce for the Chicken Smugglers. We used this combo as one of our starter picking plates for Christmas lunch (they disappeared quickly!). We really rate both the sauces. Get Real Food cleverly uses tomato and pumpkin for body, and dates and apple juice for natural sweetness. Heaps more healthy than some of the supermarket alternatives.

Anything to improve

There’s not really much to improve on here. Admittedly, our daughter wasn’t overly enthusiastic about the Smugglers to begin with. She’s a very particular sort of girl, and the Smugglers were competing with a really high-end brand of chicken nugget she normally eats. But we persevered (as parents do!) and the more she tried them, the more she liked them. Our 1 year old son, on the other hand, couldn’t devour them quick enough.

Of course hard-core Watties tomato sauce fans may be harder to convert to the Get Real Food Tomato Sauce. But definitely try out the BBQ sauce, it has just the right amount of dark, sweet and spiciness.


Thumbs up all round I think is the conclusion here. Get Real Foods products are more healthy, lighter on the environment, and cleverly hide much need vegetable vitamins inside them. Definitely a keeper in our household.


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