The Happy Hormone Cookbook by Emma Ellice-Flint with Jill Keyte is a collection of balanced and delicious whole food dishes. Emma and Jill show that by shifting the balance of food you eat daily, you can begin to bring about changes in your hormones and alleviate many of the symptoms you may be experiencing.

They discuss the best foods to eat, offer easy to make recipes (including ‘the ideal breakfast’), as well as sweet treats that help nourish your body.

What I am liking

The Happy Hormone Cookbook is beautifully set out with photo’s so delicious I wish I could eat them. I found most of the recipes are easy to follow without too many steps. This makes the book a realistic choice for me when it comes to cooking family dinners.

The brief overview at the beginning of the book is full of great information about our hormones. It breaks it down into sections such as digestion, fibre, gut health, hormone disruptors, liver health, and a number of other sections to help you understand your body and hormones. These write ups are easy to digest and use language everyone can understand.
Happy hormone cookbook

Anything to Improve

Although I really have enjoyed adding this book to my recipe book collection, I feel some of the recipes are not very family-friendly. In saying that, healthy hormones are important for mental wellbeing, so some if this falls into the ‘me-time’ category! So what I do is always make sure there’s at least one thing on the table my little one likes.


Overall if you’re someone who is feeling tired, run down or sluggish all the time, I would suggest that this book could be a great place to start. It’s easy to follow with some truly tasty recipes.

The Happy Hormone Cookbook: Food Secrets for a Balanced Life -Published by New Holland Publishers – RRP $40.00


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